Closet Essentials: Comme des Garçons PLAY Available Now

Closet Essentials: Comme des Garçons PLAY Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Comme des Garcons started as a passion project for Rei Kawakubo; eventually turning into one of the most recognizable names within the fashion industry. Over the years, Kawakubo was able to develop cutting-edge designs that broke the boundaries in fashion for both men and women. As the growth of Comme des Garcons grew the introduction of its coinciding label PLAY took off as quickly as its predecessor. 

To understand the magnitude of CDG PLAY, we first need to dive in about its designer Rei Kawakubo. As a self-taught creator, Kawakubo had a goal to introduce unique garments to the clothing market. She wanted to offer women a comfortable and mobile option similar to non-conforming clothes found within the men’s section. This leads to the creation of the name, Comme des Garcons translates to ‘like boys’ in French which is the main inspiration behind her designs. Kawakubo initially started selling to different shops in Tokyo under the CDG label in 1969 and once a following started to form she debuted her first official brick and mortar in 1973. Since then, Kawakubo has been recognized throughout history for her unconventional and groundbreaking designs. Some of the honors include the Fashion Group International Award and the Excellence in Design Award from Harvard University. 

With a well-established background in fashion, Kawakubo decided to venture into different territories that included a ‘play’ on her traditional designs and closet staples. In 2002, the sub-label Comme des Garcons PLAY came to fruition supplying the public with wardrobe basics utilizing simplistic patterns and designs. The use of minimal and high-quality materials is integral within its creation as the label doesn’t want to stray from its original roots. PLAY isn’t tied to any particular season as many of its releases introduce a variety of garments. What made the label even more popular was the creation of its signature heart motif. New York based artist Filip Pagowski developed the heart and eyes logo initially for a different CDG project but eventually found its home within PLAY. The heart has become a crucial piece within the collection as it has become the main focal point. When footwear brand Converse teamed up with CDG PLAY its name grew even more, becoming one of the most notable collaborations within Comme des Garcons’ repertoire. Though some may not know the name, they have seen the heart eyes within pop culture. Celebrities including Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Drake have championed the motif driving its popularity to diverse markets.  

Within the collection, we see a vast variety of renditions utilizing the heart logo. Each piece draws attention towards the motif and its iconic illustration. A mixture of patterns and colors make up the complexion including gold, camouflage, pink, green, polka dot, and its traditional red hue. Each piece can be easily mixed and matched with any outfit as its bases are primarily minimal and simplistic, making everything in the collections a staple. The use of stripes and polka dots are the most exaggerated patterns yet they are quite straightforward. Its premium construction consists of high-quality cotton as it is made and designed in Japan. Intricate and particular craftsmanship is  held at a high regard so each piece can withstand multiple uses.

Closet essentials from Comme des Garçons PLAY is available online now + at all retail locations. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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