Coffee Table Books from Rizzoli Available Now

Coffee Table Books from Rizzoli Available Now

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Coffee Table Books

Rizzoli Available Now

Rizzoli Publishing has had a way of telling iconic stories since 1964. Based in the heart of New York City, Rizzoli was founded by none other than Angelo Rizzoli. Born in Milan, Angelo was known for his literary talents around Italy. When he officially opened his namesake in New York City he instantly gained notoriety as his brick and mortar included beautiful architecture designed by Ferdinand Gottlieb. The bookstore itself was a spectacle and made appearances in major films including Woody Allen’s Manhattan and Falling In Love. To coincide with the legendary store, Rizzoli focuses on picture-worthy book covers. He emphasized that books were an art form and the outer shell should match the inner workings thus, the publishing company has continued to produce elevated designs that can make any coffee table stand out. Rizzoli has grown in popularity as they have created exclusive stories on notable fashion legends and artists. We would like to pay tribute to the notable publishings of Rizzoli by highlighting some of the label’s most popular books.


The memoir of Jeremy Scott is written by himself to truly gauge his life’s accomplishments through his own eyes. Being one of the most creative and influential designers within the industry, the book highlights his personality and his earlier days within the world of fashion. Known for his rebellious outlook, Jeremy Scott goes into detail about each collection and his time styling iconic names including Madonna and Rhianna. The literature reflects his world and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the designer’s mind. Learn more about Jeremy Scott by clicking here.


Beginning her modeling career at a young age, Kate Moss had a dream of becoming a top model around the world. It wasn’t until her debut within a British magazine in the 90s that really solidified her dream. The Kate Moss Book tells the story of her accomplishments through never before seen photos from Moss’s personal archive and renowned photographers. Created by Kate Moss herself and a collaborative creative team, the book relishes in her career and modeling history. Grab a closer look at the book here.



Karl Lagerfeld’s time with Chanel was legendary as he was able to transform typical runway displays into monumental productions. Through the eyes of respected photographer Simon Procter, Lagerfeld: The Chanel Shows honors the great designer through iconic imagery and exclusive candid graphics. Get a backstage look into some of the most epic sets as Procter visually creates the scenes with his top-tier photography. Continue learning about Karl Lagerfeld’s time with Chanel by clicking here.


Developed by fashion historian Valerie Steele, Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation is a complete A-Z collective of the labels collaborations and definitive work. In 536 pages, the book highlights renowned projects with notable names including Marc Jacobs, Takashi Murakami, and more. Both Louis Vuitton and the fashion brand are known for pushing the boundaries and the book tributes its greatest moments in fashion, art, and design. Read more about the fashion-house, here.


Tom Ford has made a name for himself throughout the years as he transformed the name of Gucci alongside building his own namesake in tandem. This particular publishing is composed of a wide range of photos exploring Ford’s historic fashion timeline. Paying homage to some of his iconic designs, the book tributes his projects with other houses and brands. This printing is a memoir and testament to his career with Gucci and other connections that came along with it. Explore unpublished imagery within Rizzoli’s Tom Ford here.


Rizzoli continues to produce quality lifestyle products with intricate research and exclusive information. To learn more about Rizzoli and the latest books from the publishing company, click here.

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