Comfortable + Versatile: Dr. Martens

Comfortable + Versatile: Dr. Martens

Haven Neiman

Dr. Martens

Comfortable + Versatile

In 1945, a 25-year-old soldier named Dr. Klaus Maertens was in the process of recovering from a broken foot. He created a uniquely air-cushioned sole during his healing process, contrasting from the traditional stiff leather sole, to help his recovery. Maertens used a salvaged cobbler’s last and a needle to create a shoe prototype. He then showed his invention to his friend and engineer, Dr. Herbert Funk, resulting in the two going into a partnership shortly after. The pair began producing this unique shoe, and by 1959, they were selling the shoes overseas, and the rest was history.


Officially named Dr. Martens in 1960, the footwear label is known for its wide variety of selections, including lace-up loafers, oxfords, Chelsea boots, combat boots, and more. Also referred to as Docs, Dr. Martens shoes incorporate their signature and iconic welt yellow stitching placed throughout each design. The work boots were initially intended for England’s mail carriers, police offers, and factory workers, but grunge punk teenagers helped transition the shoes into everyday apparel and wardrobes worldwide. The functional and individualistic designs put forth by the Doc Martens brand remain a staple in closets worldwide, as they appeal to people who have their style but share a united spirit, authentic yet different. The shoes embody functionality, allowing their wearers to adopt the boots and shoes as part of their style while emphasizing practicality, durability, and comfort. The leather gets better with age, making the silhouettes authentic—perfect for all occasions.

“Born from Innovation”

The question remains: How are Dr. Martens so comfortable? Dr. Martens' leather boots and other silhouettes were specifically designed to stand the test of time, as their intention was comfort and resilience. When Dr. Klaus Maertens injured his ankle with the standard-issued army boots, he went forward in designing improvements for the silhouettes. Each Dr. Martens boot and loafers include enough space for your toes to move and breathe while wearing thick socks to protect the foot. An ideal option to pair with any Dr. Martens silhouette includes our FEATURE Tonal Script Crew Sock. Featured in a 3-pack, the socks incorporate embroidered FEATURE branding along with a blend of premium fabrications for a comfortable and flexible fit.


The foam insoles and leather adjust to the shape and size of your foot, while the cushioned bouncing soles are ideal for all types of movement. Thanks to their technologically advanced flexible soles, Dr. Martens provides good arch and heel support. Both flexible and supportive, Dr. Martens are engineered for those on their feet often or who want extra comfort. Although they might take a short period to break in, once they are, they are an ideal footwear silhouette to incorporate into your footwear collection. There are many ways and reasons to wear a pair of Dr. Martens. Dr. Martens boots and loafers are suitable for all seasons and can easily dress up or down any outfit. The designs fit your style or mood, whether you wear them to work or spend time with friends. Pair them with bold socks or pants to give your outfit an edge.

“Born from Tradition & Authenticity”

The Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Leather Boots are featured within the latest Dr. Martens delivery. Featuring a smooth leather upper, the silhouette incorporates eight lace eyelets along with a signature branded heel loop tab. The signature welt yellow stitching is placed above the midsole, while the iconic air-cushioned sole provides comfort and flexibility with each step. The Dr. Martens x NEIGHBORHOOD collaboration placed upon the signature Dr. Martens 1461 silhouette features an eye-catching blacked-out aesthetic with contrast detailing. The trademark welt yellow stitching has been re-tuned to match NEIGHBORHOOD's white screen-printed splatter artwork. The black and yellow heel loop tab and a tech-inspired dual-branded reflective heel strip are placed, while the air-cushioned sole offers long-lasting comfort.


The latest arrivals from Dr. Martens are available now in-store + online. To take a closer look at these footwear staples, click here.

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