Dr. Martens Iconic 1460 Model Is Available Now

Dr. Martens Iconic 1460 Model Is Available Now

Marissa Villamor

The world-renowned brand Dr. Martens was founded in 1947  by Dr. Klaus Maertins and Dr. Herbert Funk. Also referred to as Doc Martens or Docs, the brand initially began as an idea to create unique air-cushioned soles rather than traditional stiff leather soles. Once launched, Dr. Martens became a booming business producing high-quality shoes made with the ultimate support. In 1959, the brand launched overseas and gained even more traction, making it the footwear legend that they are today. 

The brains behind the air-cushioned soles, Dr. Maertens, was a recovering soldier in 1945 who broke his foot and aspired to create elevated comfort and functionality among the issued garden-variety of military footwear. Creating a prototype shoe using a salvaged cobbler and a needle, the eventual namesake product would reach his mechanical engineer friend, Dr. Herbert Funk. Thus, Dr. Martens was born. 

In the 1960s, the Dr. Martens boot that we know today was first created. Factory workers and postman initially wore the shoe; however, a cultural shift changed and soon started gaining attention from different punk and skateboard subcultures. In the 1970s, the decade of punk and glam, the infamous Dr. Martens boot became adopted by every underground subcultural. The boot became a symbol of self-expression, rebellion and became an iconic staple for the British youth culture. 

Fast forward to the ‘90s and today; the Dr. Marten boot also became synonymous with festival culture. From rebellious punk to electronic dance music, Dr. Martens could be seen on every person interested in any genre. The most notable model became the 1460, which is the original Dr. Martens 8-eye boot. The boot became a fashion icon with a smooth leather upper, grooved sides, and iconic yellow stitching.

Today, Dr. Martens can be found amongst festival-goers, free-thinkers and fashion enthusiasts alike. With its comfortable and sturdy sole, the international brand is both practical and fashionable. Our latest delivery of Dr. Martens is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop, click here.

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