Exclusively at FEATURE: Tie-Dye Essentials from Chinatown Market

Exclusively at FEATURE: Tie-Dye Essentials from Chinatown Market

Chelsie Rendon

Tie-Dye Essentials from Chinatown Market

Exclusively at FEATURE

Mike Cherman’s Chinatown Market has grown in popularity as its online presence has created a community specifically for the fashion brand. At a young age, Cherman has always had an eclectic style that was made for revolutionizing streetwear. After dropping out of Parsons University, he began his fashion career from the ground up and started working for Nike in New York City. This opportunity was just the beginning as he started developing his vibrant aesthetic by grasping inspiration from the city around him. In addition to working a full-time job, he created his own label and in 2016, he introduced Chinatown Market. Its bold and whimsical collections were unique and incredibly desired by varied communities. In the latest delivery, Chinatown Market utilizes their non-conventional persona with tie-dye and rhinestone overlays. The exclusive capsule can only be found at Feature, making it extremely sought-after by fashion and streetwear enthusiasts. 

The limited-edition collection is perfect for the summer as tie-dye treatments give each garment a fun and eye-catching finish. The Rhinestone Arc Tie Dye Shorts are designed in three varying styles including RGY, WGP, and Overdye. Due to its premium cotton construction, the different colors give the base undeniable vibrancy and offer a long-lasting complexion over time. Matching nicely with the tie-dye, rhinestones spell out traditional collegiate branding across the base for a dimensional and textured experience. Lastly, the shorts feature functional elements including flush pockets and a comfortable elastic waistband.



These shorts can be paired with coinciding tops such as the UV Arc Tie Dye Tee, Reflective Arc Tie Dye Tee, and Rhinestone Arc Overdye Tee. Taking similar cues from the bottoms, each tee contains quality cotton and either rhinestone or screen-printed branding across the chest. The delivery also includes the Chinatown Market Rainbow Rhinestone Arc Long Sleeve. Its contrasting style takes a more monochromatic pattern allowing the complementary tones of rhinestones to stand out. The long sleeve comes complete with rib-knit stitching amongst the neckline and trims for a comfortable fit that can be worn every season. 

Chinatown Market’s tie-dye delivery is exclusively available at our Chinatown location + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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