Explore Sustainable Footwear with Veja SS21 ‘Crossroads’

Explore Sustainable Footwear with Veja SS21 ‘Crossroads’

Chelsie Rendon

When Veja was introduced to the market, it was clear that they wanted to provide elevated footwear at the same price as competitors. But their success grew instantly due to their transparency and commitment to sustainability. Because of these values, Veja has become a top competitor within the footwear industry that stands out against the rest. French entrepreneurs, François-Ghislain Morillion and Sébastien Kopp decided to scour the world for the best materials to construct their shoes. It was this endeavor that they noticed poor conditions and unethical practices. This led them to countries that produce organic materials that follow moral operations. Organic cotton and Amazonian rubber were the main textiles that solidified their shoe’s craftsmanship. In the middle of the internet bubble of 2005, Veja was introduced to the industry along with a line of footwear that contained organic and ethically sourced materials. 

With such high-quality products, the production prices were higher than normal thus they would have to charge more for each pair. But both Kopp and Morillion wanted Veja to be affordable to all and quickly needed to think of a way to make the prices fair. To combat the high pricing, they decided to remove funding from marketing and put it towards production which ultimately contributes to its attainable price point. Now that their prices were lowered, Veja can easily compete with other sneaker companies. This affordable price point emphasized Veja’s popularity- allowing the label to venture into new technologies and styles. Eventually, they would be able to develop a sustainable leather that includes dried vegetables and a fabric compromised of recycled plastic bottles. The company has grown over the years as they have many factories and offices around the world. In Portuguese, Veja means ‘look’ and the creators specifically chose this word as a reminder to actually look at what constructs your footwear. 

Veja’s point of view on fashion and open transparency policies contributes to its growing success. Celebrities including Meghan Markle and Emma Watson can be seen championing the style, gaining even more traction for the sneaker label. Along with celebrities, many brands have collaborated with Veja including fashion icons Rick Owens and Madewell. Veja prospers as they introduce their latest SS21 collection titled, ‘Crossroads.’ To highlight the new styles and palettes, Veja held an open casting call for a variety of individuals to model the shoes. During this shoot, a combination of chefs, students, photographers, and more crossed paths to introduce the new sneakers. Within the collection, we see familiar silhouettes with varying touches and material that elevates the original. 

One of the stand-out pieces included in the SS21 collection is the V-10 Suede in Multicolor. The sneaker’s ecological built utilizes leather and suede from farms in the Rio Grande do Sul and is tanned in Brazil in accordance with the REACH standards. These standards help minimize water intake and manage tanning processes. The suede and leather fabrication is designed in a color-blocked pattern with pastel hues. Another V-10 addition is included within the delivery as it introduces new technology within its fabrication. Veja was able to tailor cotton to emulate the patterns and textures of leather. The V-10 CWL is met with a perforated toe-box for breathability and Veja’s signature ‘V’ branding stitched upon the cotton/leather side panels. Both models are constructed with wild Amazonian rubber soles and organic cotton laces which coincide with the original. 

In addition to the V-10, the collection also contains rendered versions of the Campo Chromefree and Esplar Logo. These silhouettes are seen with unique color combinations as they highlight the unmistakable stitched ‘V’ and heel branding. Explore the endless options and contribute to the practices of sustainable production and eco-friendly materials as seen within Veja sneakers. 

Veja’s SS21 ‘Crossroads’ collection is now available at our Chinatown and Wynn Las Vegas locations + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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