In-Store Exclusives: FEATURE Chapter Tees Available Now

In-Store Exclusives: FEATURE Chapter Tees Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Represented by each individual brick and mortar store, our exclusive Chapter Tees utilize natural elements that coincide with each location. As our store and company grows, new chapters are opening within our narrative. 

The exclusive tees correlate with each of our stores, tailoring the graphics to the location. The Chinatown location is our original store front, opened up back in 2010. For our Chapter Tee, we highlight the Jade gemstone - an Asian gemstone related to our roots based in Chinatown, Las Vegas. Jade represents many things within the Chinese culture and our tee highlights the  values of love, peace, balance, health, and wisdom.

The Wynn Hotel and Casino hosts our Wynn Las Vegas location - this Chapter tee is inspired by precious gemstones of the world: ruby, amethyst, emerald, and diamond. Based in a location where people come and go, we grasped inspiration from those who travel around the world. Our brand has grown since we first started and now we are reaching other parts of the world. Highlighting these stones represent different countries like emeralds from Colombia and ruby’s from Thailand.

Our Calabasas location at The Commons is our newest location. Opening in late 2019, this is our first store front homed outside of Nevada. The landscape between Nevada and California are quite different therefore we wanted to hone in on the beautiful landscapes Calabasas provides. Inspired by the surrounding Hills with greenery, plants and wildlife, our Calabasas Chapter Tee showcases different flowers and plant life including dandelions, yellow bush poppy, hong kong orchid, scarlet larkspur and more. 

To commemorate our journey this exclusive FEATURE graphic will be available at each correlating store.

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