Thursday Jan 05, 2017

Converse Chuck Taylor Cleaning Process

 If you're like us, you wear Chucks for nearly any and every occasion: school, work, casual, business etc. To some - they look better worn in, but for those who would rather keep them crispy clean, we got you covered. Check out the list of items needed, along with thorough step-by-step instructions below.


1. Dirty Chucks

2. Sponge

3. Bottled Water

4. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

5. Liquid Detergent

Step 1 - Prep For Cleaning

Take the laces off and remove loose dirt from sole with a sponge and room temperature water. For better results wipe down the sole with a clean rag before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 - Remove Smudges

Using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, thoroughly scrub the midsole to remove any remaining smudges. Apply medium to heavy pressure for best results.

Step 3 - Washer

After prepping the Chucks, throw them in the washer for 22 minutes along with the laces (Cold Setting works best). Remember, use 1/4 cup of liquid detergent per pair of shoes. Don't worry we tested this out ourselves.

Once the sneakers are washed, let them air-dry until all moisture is completely gone. There you have it, three easy steps to get your everyday pair of Chucks look brand new. 

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