ICECREAM's Second SS21 Delivery Available Now

ICECREAM's Second SS21 Delivery Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Spring arrivals from many brands are making their debut including the second delivery from Icecream. Derived from the fashion label Billionaire Boys Club, Pharrell Williams created the category which highlights signature motifs including its ice cream character and running dog. Taking cues from Billionaire Boys Club, many collections introduce bold color schemes and striking graphics making the designs noticeable no matter where you are. Pharrell has grown his brand and ventured into new projects, making his portfolio grow. With a passion for clothing, the superstar mogul continues to produce new deliveries as seen with the second drop of their spring delivery. Taking inspiration from past styles, the capsule includes vintage details with modern renditions. 

Comfortable and casual, Icecream releases its ‘Fun’ graphic upon a hoodie as it utilizes the brand’s signature running dog motif in a different variant. Made with a terry cloth fabric, the hoodie is designed with printed graphics upon the chest. Adjustable drawstrings and rib-knit trim are some of the attributes that elevate its composure. Seen in the color Pine Green, the hoodie is also available in Nautical Blue and Black. Layered on top of the green-colored garment is the Stacked Jacket. Reminiscent of nostalgic collegiate wear, the varsity style is elevated with yellow and black trim and stitched motifs reminiscent of traditional designs. A nylon fabric constructs the base offering a lightweight aspect that can be applied to all outfits. 

New denim jeans are also included within the delivery as it highlights printed and stitched motifs across the frontal area. The Running Dog Jean resembles classic jeans with a tapered fit, making them perfect for current trends. The washed-out complexion elevates its stature and allows the printed graphic to stand out. Utilizing the same graphic, the Cream Jean and Jade Jean are designed with distressed motifs scored upon the knee. Pairing nicely with the jeans, Icecream introduces varied graphics including the Dots Tee and Flag Tee. All of these graphics are seen on bold colored bases from Rose Bloom to Nautical Blue and if you prefer a more natural look then they also can be seen in black and white. 

The second delivery from ICECREAM’s Spring 2021 Collection is available now at our Chinatown location + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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