ICECREAM Summer Collection Drop 1 Available Now

ICECREAM Summer Collection Drop 1 Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Just in time for Summer, ICECREAM has released the first delivery of their Summer 2021 Collection which is split into three deliveries this season. Inspired by visual artist Duane Hanson, the collection explores traditional American vacations. Hanson was an artist known for his hyper-realistic statues of people and capturing the everyday task of human life. In 1966, he started producing the sculptures he is known for today. These figures were composed of a variety of materials including fiberglass and vinyl; emphasizing their realistic design. Once he’s created his desired shape, he would detail them with paint and find second-hand clothing that coincides with his theme. His artwork took inspiration from real people and Hanson’s attention to detail was so particular that many would travel to see his work. 

ICECREAM implements his artistic styling within the Summer collection and takes artistic cues from popular sculptures including Tourists, Old Couple on a Bench, and House Painter I. The collection uses this ideology and reimagines mundane vacation styles into modern statement pieces. Utilizing familiar motifs and emblems, the collection includes a variety of ready-to-wear apparel along with skate-inspired essentials. 

The collection introduces a variety of staple t-shirts from the Anime Tee graphic to the Bubble Tee. Each design highlights signature ICECREAM branding in a unique way but follows familiar aesthetics. The classic running dog motif makes its way upon the collections as seen with the Soft Serve Jean Shorts and the Shot Clock Basketball Tank. Crafted with premium construction the emblem is embroidered upon the styles for a distinct and durable finish. This delivery also included collegiate-inspired graphics. The Cone Man Hoodie and Home Team Jogger are matching sets that can be worn together or separate- they both incorporate the college design seen throughout the delivery. A mixture of printed and embroidered graphics decorate the base for a comfortable and bold look that encapsulates ICECREAM’s core aesthetic. 

Coinciding with the clothing, the delivery also includes accessories and lifestyle pieces that match the overall theme. The Cones sand Botanist Skatedeck includes similar colorways seen upon the clothing which perfectly complements the Double Dribble basketball. To keep you cool during times of activity, the collection also includes a reusable bottle. The Drip Water Bottle includes the classic running dog mascot in a variety of colors referencing summer hues. Lastly, you can complete your outfit with the new Double Dip Sock or ICECREAM’s Basket Snapback Hat. Bold accessories that are versatile and will keep you cool during the upcoming season.

The Summer 2021 Collection Drop 1 from ICECREAM is available now at our Chinatown location + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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