Introducing Birkenstock To The Feature Roster

Introducing Birkenstock To The Feature Roster

Chelsie Rendon

In the early years of 1774, Johann Adam Birkenstock worked as a cobbler in Germany and unknowingly planted a seed within his family that would eventually lead to the footwear giant we know today. The Birkenstock history started with master cobbler Konrad Birkenstock, as he developed footbed insoles that could be used in any footwear silhouette. The introduction of footwear insoles was severely critical as many workforces desperately desired a comfortable and long-lasting shoe bed that could last over time. The idea of buying more than one shoe wasn’t common within the late 1800s; therefore, Birkenstock was able to dominate the market and slowly grow its name. 

Since the founding of Konrad’s creation, the art of making insoles was passed down to future generations, eventually evolving into the ‘Birkenstock’ household name in 1896.
Birkenstock’s insole development improved over time, making them well-known for their intricate and specific build that can be bought individually or built within their branded shoes. Birkenstock strives to create a comfortable and purposeful sole that will contribute to proper foot health during times of wear. A deep heel cup is implemented to cradle the heel and helps utilize natural cushioning within your foot. Arch support is implemented for a stable experience, while transverse support can be seen within the middle - signifying proper alignment and a secure stance. Within the toes, a raised outline helps our foot naturally grip the lining and enforces exercise with the gripping motion. The design found within the toe box is spacious as Birkenstock wants to provide a roomy area for the feet to move freely. The structure of the footbed also includes a 4-layer build, which includes: the jute layer, cork and latex, the second jute layer, and lastly the outer suede lining. All of these are incredibly crucial as they all have independent traits that support the comfortable cushioning that we know to this day. Overtime the background and significance of Birkenstock started to grow in other markets as medical physicians endorse the brand and the insole capabilities. 

When the footwear label was finally introduced to the U.S. market in 1966, the demand grew even larger as construction workers and those who were always on their feet sought-out the cushioned insoles. As times changed, so did the brand. They started to implement environmental awareness within their shoes and products. The use of natural and friendly adhesives was utilized to minimize their green footprint within the world. 


Since then, the footwear brand has grown over the years and has ventured into new labels, retail markets, and facilities. In 2016, they celebrated their 50th anniversary and have only become more prominent within fashion and footwear. 
Two of the most popular models produced by Birkenstock are known as ‘Arizona’ and ‘Boston.’ Both of these silhouettes home the original Birkenstock footbed but also introduce high-quality materials that will provide longevity to the shoes. The ‘Boston’ is a classic silhouette also known as the clog due to its closed-toe design. Premium suede builds its construction, while a single strap adds an adjustable element that can be changed to your desired fit. In comparison, the ‘Arizona’ silhouette sees an open toe design and two-strap accent. These sandals have been commonly seen throughout the fashion industry as they have varying capabilities and styles. Many celebrities have championed the model, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Kendall Jenner. Birkenstock implements different materials within its composition, from suede to leather; all of them are given a high-quality finish and raw edge styling to emphasize its opulent nature. 

All of Birkenstock’s are designed and made in Germany as they like to pay homage to their roots. The effortless designs commonly seen within their collections are only getting bigger as they introduce new products and materials to keep up with the times. The introduction of patterns, models, and fabrics find their way into the designs making Birkenstock relevant and a dominating footwear powerhouse. 

 We are proud to introduce the Birkenstock name to our forever-growing roster. The footwear label is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop Birkenstock’s new arrivals, click here.

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