Fear of God ESSENTIALS California Winter Available Now

Fear of God ESSENTIALS California Winter Available Now

Marissa Villamor

Starting off his journey as a club promoter, Jerry Lorenzo was surrounded by a-list clientele that introduced him to the life of fashion. Renowned designers including Virgil Abloh, Don C, and Ibn Jasper befriended the promoter and helped him venture into the world of streetwear and design. Upon meeting Kanye West in 2012, Lorenzo switched gears and left nightlife for the runway. Hesitantly he supplied Kanye with samples of cut and sew garments, which ultimately landed him an official position with the DONDA team. After solidifying his love for fashion, he then left the team to set forth on his own journey building an American luxury label, which we now know as Fear of God. The name came easily to Lorenzo as he is a God-fearing man and the label emphasizes his faith. Since its inception in 2013, Fear of God has put forth opulent pieces securing its label within the industry. 

Lorenzo wanted to create a label that combined elevated designs with casual garments and athleisure. In 2018, the designer integrated his premium fabrics and designs from Fear of God and created a sub-label known as ESSENTIALS. Upon its first release, the brand quickly built a loyal following as it provided fashion enthusiasts another option to secure Lorenzo’s designs. Though ESSENTIALS has more deliveries, we find that the pieces are feverishly sought-after thus, the collections sell out quickly. We find similar earth and neutral tones encompassing the apparel items within this collection, while minimalist branding can be seen either screen printed or stitched on. Each piece can be mixed and matched, providing endless styling possibilities. The idea of modern luxury streetwear is encapsulated in Fear of God ESSENTIALS. 

The California Winter 2020-21 collection introduces new designs with traditional muted tones while focusing on high-quality fabrics and finishes. Matching Polar Fleece Pants and Hoodie are stand out pieces within the group by utilizing premium fleece fabrication. The construction capitalizes on comfort with leisure detailing: pocket accents, adjustable drawstrings, and an oversized hood. Combined, they make the ultimate everyday outfit that can be worn casually and effortlessly. A mixture of winter essentials can be seen throughout, including nylon constructed designs like the Puffer Jacket and Coach Jacket. The Mock Neck Half-Zip and Pullover share the common element of a stand-up collar that falls along the neck, an ideal layering piece for the colder days.

Fear of God ESSENTIALS’ California Winter 2020-21 Delivery is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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