Introducing FEATURE Campground Disco

Introducing FEATURE Campground Disco

Chelsie Rendon

FEATURE Campground Disco

Welcome to Campground Disco, a collection that combines psychedelic aesthetics with festival lifestyles. Our newly introduced collection includes new graphics that are perfectly curated for every event as its nostalgic and retro imagery reminds everyone of music festival roots. Whether you’re going to Life Is Beautiful or Coachella, complete your next outfit with FEATURE Campground Disco styles. 

For a more comfortable or cozy experience we’ve included our Campground Hoodie into our capsule. Reminiscent of our signature design, the hoodie is developed with premium 14oz heavyweight cotton that offers a luxe finish during times of wear. Quality craftsmanship is emphasized with a 475 GSM and rib-knit stitching as seen on the cuffs and bottom trim. On the chest, we are introduced to our newly developed branding that perfectly intertwines our modern aesthetic with the vintage and retro theme. Both FEATURE and Campground Disco work in tandem and are finished in a light pink hues. The main takeaway can be seen at the backside of the hoodie. A disco ball is given a glitter overlay and a slightly raised print that stands out against the cotton base. Pine trees surround the ball while the same pink tone ties everything together. Premium and leisurely qualities give the hoodie a durable finish. 

“Welcome to Campground Disco”


Our Disco Crewneck makes its debut within the collection as its Almond Oil neutral complexion highlights lively tones, new imagery, and our signature theme. Similar to our hoodie, the crewneck also includes a luxe experience as its cotton base features a 14oz heavyweight finish. Rib-knit trims are prevalent throughout especially at the cuffs, bottom hem, and rounded crewneck. Our Campground Disco title is printed on the chest with a puff print finish and purple tone. This hue is transferred onto the rear as we are introduced to the crewneck’s main graphic. A psychedelic character playing a guitar is dressed in lively tones. Animated trees surround the character as a reference to our camping and Woodstock aesthetic. The garment is completed with our rendered FEATURE branding at the bottom and our classic black woven tag within the inner collar for authenticity. 

Every item introduced within the collection is not only made for festivals but can also be transferred to everyday wear and lifestyles. Their premium construction and timeless imagery can be easily added to your routine. 


The last piece within the collection diverges from layering pieces and includes our latest graphic tee titled, Worth The Trip. As the latest addition to our forever growing graphic collection, the Worth The Trip Tee perfectly summarizes Campground Disco. At the front, we’ve combined our branding with a whimsical graphic. Colored rays are emitted from a pine tree character and is then finished with a glitter overlay similar to the Campground Hoodie. When we look at the back, the slogan ‘It’ll Be Worth The Trip!’ stands out against the Shale color way. The motto is designed in a light cream color and finished with a raised puff print- elevating its luxe and premium qualities. A mid-weight cotton provides comfort as it is lightweight and breathable whereas the rounded neckline reverts to classic styles. Just like the Crewneck and Hoodie, the tee is completed with quality craftsmanship in the USA. 

Our FEATURE Campground Disco collection is now available at all retail locations + online. To shop our latest delivery, click here.

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