Introducing Gallery Dept.

Introducing Gallery Dept.

Haven Neiman

Gallery Dept.

Gallery Dept. x Compound Kids Available Now

First beginning in 2017, the cult-followed streetwear label originated from artist and designer Josue Thomas. As a designer who never studied fashion or garment making, Thomas credits his artistic skills to his memories of watching his immigrant parents use their skills to build a life in Los Angeles. With a lifelong passion for clothing, Thomas worked for clothing stores in his early 20s and began to cut jeans, screen-print t-shirts, and repurpose garments as a hobby in 2017. While upcycling garments into something completely different, the brand has established itself as a one-of-a-kind label. Since its beginning, the brand has only grown from an underground collector cult label to an identifiable streetwear aesthetic worn by Kendall Jenner, Lebron James, Kendrick Lamar, and the Migos. With collaborations with Lanvin and the Hip-Hop trio Migos, the brand announces its latest partnership with the non-profit Compound’s Art for All program. Gallery Dept. continues to maintain its stake in the world of authentic and creative fashion apparel.


Non-profit Compound is an effort based in Los Angeles that includes an Art Space, including Artist-led family workshops, virtual programs, and a portable programming pod that brings arts education to the districts of Long Beach. Intending to empower those who don’t have access to creative educational workshops outside of traditional institutions such as schools, the Art for All program offers individuals and their families the opportunity to participate in these activities. In an effort to increase the Art for All awareness, Gallery Dept.’s latest collaboration with Compound’s Art for All program titled Gallery Dept. x Compound Kids was led by a collection of kids in a collaborative design project, culminating in a line of unique apparel with hand-drawn graphics. To inspire creativity in the next generation, the collection incorporates the power of art into everyday clothing.

The I’m Sad S/S Tee features the hand-drawn screen-printed phrase ‘I am sad I miss my friends’, which encompasses the front of the silhouette. Screen-printed and washed, the design is crafted from complete cotton and features a crew neckline for a detailed touch. Made domestically in Los Angeles, California, at the back of the design is screen-printed branding. The I’m Sad L/S Tee features the same hand-drawn screen-printed phrase at the front as the S/S Tee, but in this version, there are hand-drawn characters placed at the sleeves and back of the silhouette.

Gallery Dept. is now officially part of our brand roster, and the Gallery Dept. x Compound Kids collaboration is now available at the Las Vegas locations + online. Take a closer look at the collection here.

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