Introducing Marni to Our Brand Roster

Introducing Marni to Our Brand Roster

Chelsie Rendon


Fall Arrivals 

When Consuelo Castiglioni introduced her fashion label in 1994, many were expecting her Swiss roots to be the main focal point within each piece. But instead, she decided to showcase her eccentric take on Italian wear, completely changing the game on traditional women’s styles. Named after her sister, Marni has prevailed since its inception over 20 years ago and has stuck true to its origins by introducing innovative prints, constructions, and colors. The exclusive brand has grown immensely since its debut and solidified its name during the early 2000s as it was a pioneer within the e-commerce industry. Being one of the few luxury brands to ever enter an online marketplace, Marni had an advantage as they became recognized globally. 

The fashion label's fast growth was intentional but yet particular as they wanted to grow steadily, allowing them to become the exclusive and prominent name we know of today. Many are drawn to the brand as they have become an oddity compared to standard styles. Similar to Comme des Garçons, Marni reverts from tradition by utilizing comfort and non-conformity at the forefront of their brand. When they made their debut in the 90s, Castiglioni wanted to reimagine how the fashion industry saw fur fabric. So instead of statement pieces, she integrated the fabric in unique ways that are applicable to everyday wear. We now see this theme in every collection as staple fabrics are transformed into premium masterpieces. 


Because of Marni’s intentional construction, they’ve developed a cult following that is committed to their non-tactical approach to fashion. They’ve also included menswear, jewelry, and kids into their lineup and transferred their mesmerizing designs onto multiple products. Brands including Vogue, H&M, and FarFetch have joined forces with Marni on exclusive collaborations, further establishing the label’s name in a variety of markets. 

Most recently Marni has released their Fall styles for 2021 and we are introduced to varying layering pieces and an iconic matching suit. The Long Sleeve Crewneck Sweater in Mint is an oversized knitted design that is developed with a combination of alpaca, mohair, and wool for a comfortable and luxe experience. Marni specifically highlights top-quality materials for a long-lasting build that can withstand wear and tear. Lively colorings and traditional color blocking can also be seen on the Marni Sweatshirt in Crimson. Developed with two pieces of fleece cotton, the crewneck features ribbed trims and exposed stitching that gives the seams an exaggerated look. The unconventional design is then finished with simplistic Marni branding embroidered at the chest. The Marni Sweatshirt and Crewneck Sweater are ideal picks for your fall wardrobe. 

In addition to sweaters, the collection highlights jackets and a matching suit as seen with the Long Sleeve Shirt and Pant in Silver. A lightweight and smooth blend of cotton and polyester construct each piece allowing the metallic design to shine. The Pant differs from classic styles with an elastic waistband working in tandem with the button closure. The legs feature a less tapered fit while pressed pleats are prevalent at the base. The suit jacket includes unique elements such as a mid-length button closure and a perfectly squared chest pocket. Marni’s unconventional styles are present with each design we’ve touched on but also include the Short Sleeve Shirt in Stone White and Marni Jacket. 

Marni is now officially a part of our brand roster and is available at our Wynn Las Vegas location + online. Grab a closer look at the Fall 2021 arrivals, here.

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