Introducing Oliver Peoples to Our Brand Roster

Introducing Oliver Peoples to Our Brand Roster

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Oliver Peoples

Heritage Eyewear

Heritage eyewear brand Oliver Peoples was born in the heart of West Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard in 1987. The first designs from the brand were inspired by an estate collection of vintage American-made eyewear in Connecticut that the founders of Oliver Peoples purchased in the late ‘80s. Incorporating the unique culture of L.A. within each design, the brand has a passion for superior products that represent their authentic and consistent voice. Oliver Peoples embodies a sophisticated aesthetic, wants to stray away from futuristic styles and geometric shapes within each offering and focuses on retro and vintage-inspired frames that remain timeless.


Oliver Peoples pays close attention to detail within every frame to create eyewear that speaks for itself. The front of each frame is carved using a single block of authentic acetate which is cut, bent, and filed around the bridge to create the nose pads. The pins are then crafted and connected to the hinge, while the temples are hand-inserted into each frame for optimal strength and durability. Then, the Oliver Peoples insignia is hand inlaid into the temple tips and permanently secured using high-quality resin. Each frame is complete by being hand polished and inspected for a secure fit. 


An outfit isn’t complete without a sleek pair of sunglasses to pair with it. The vast selection of authentic frames from heritage eyewear brand Oliver Peoples introduces the Martineaux. The Oliver Peoples Martineaux features a distinctive retro-inspired silhouette and aesthetic. Incorporated within the shape is a defined keyhole bridge whose inspiration accentuates the bold frame for a noticeable look. Additional genuine details, as well as custom acetate colors and glasses, finish the overall aesthetic. This authentic silhouette is crafted with a close eye by hand in Italy. Furthering the vintage aesthetic, the Oliver Peoples Nilos incorporates a retro frame featuring a high bridge and a deeper squared lens shape, both of which fit the face in an elevated manner. Crafted from acetate, the glasses include light-washed lenses that embody a ‘70s aesthetic.


Find a new accessory this season with Oliver People’s sunglasses collection available now at all retail locations + online. Grab a closer look at the delivery here.

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