Luxury Fragrances

Luxury Fragrances

Haven Neiman

While any outfit includes a pair of shoes, a go-to jacket, or your choice of jewelry for optimal detailing, no full outfit is complete without an ideal fragrance to boost your confidence, mood, and overall aesthetic. The perfect scent adds further context and depth to your overall appearance. Scents become part of one’s character and contribute to one’s statement of individuality to the world. Take a further look at our curated collection of elevated fragrance labels such as Comme des Garçons, 19-69, Palm Angels x 19-69 & Maison Margiela. 


One of our latest fragrance arrivals includes the collaboration between New York-based artist KAWS and Comme des Garçons. The Comme des Garçons Mirror by Kaws was inspired by KAWS’ multi-faceted practice and combines complexity and optimism together to create a musky floral scent. Additional notes in this fragrance include turmeric leaves, orange blossom, and cashmeran. Additional must-have fragrances include the iconic Comme des Garçons PLAY Red Eau de Toilette and the Comme des Garçons Amazing Green Eau de Toilette.


Founded in 1988 in Paris, France by designer Martin Margiela, the French fashion house Maison Margiela is one of the most prominent fragrance labels in the industry. One of their most premium scents is the Maison Margiela Replica At The Barber Shop Eau de Toilette. By evoking a relaxing scent that balances the aromatic and woody notes, the fragrance is made up of tonka beans, white musk, and rosemary. The aroma gives off memories of the local barbershop. At The Barber Shop also proudly displays notes of black pepper and lavender. Another notable fragrance from this premium label is the Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Eau de Toilette. This scent brings you back to Brooklyn, New York, and is reminiscent of experiences that include a plethora of cocktails and cigars. While giving off notes of lemon, tobacco, and vanilla, additional aromas reference to rum absolute and pink pepper.


For a more electric and California-inspired approach to your fragrance of choice, the Palm Angels x 19-69 Cacti Eau de Parfum collides with the California aesthetics of Palm Angels with the elevation of the 19-69 fragrances. This scent reflects a precise feeling of the west coast in its entirety, with prominent notes including Italian bergamot, green cactus, and vetiver. The scent is fresh, light, and clean in its aesthetic. Other iconic scents from 19-69 include the 19-69 La Habana Eau de Parfum and the 19-69 Invisible Post Eau de Parfum


Elevate your aesthetic today with our latest fragrance arrivals. Choose your scent here.

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