Luxury Fragrances from BYREDO

Luxury Fragrances from BYREDO

Chelsie Rendon

Byredo is a luxury fragrance brand that has created signature scents and transformed them into perfumes, home goods, and lifestyle products. Created by Ben Gorham, his passion always led him to the world of art; but what he initially believed to be his calling led him into a different direction. Born in Sweden and raised in Canada, Gorham graduated from Stockholm Art School to pursue fine arts. Painting and sculpting was his goal but eventually he found himself falling in love with the emotions and development of fragrances. He sought-out top perfume innovators, Olivia Giacobettu and Jerome Epinette, in hopes to follow their lead and sit at the high table of fragrance. Soon enough, he developed a taste that was unmatched and in 2006 he debuted his brand Byredo. 

He wanted to captivate his audience by introducing scents that evoke a sense of emotion whether its nostalgia, a past memory, or a sense of adventure. Whatever it is, Gorham wants his perfumes to mean something. His drive and creations take inspiration from his past and the people that surround him; this particular outlook allows him to create unique smells that blend perfectly. Since its debut, the European fragrance brand has solidified its stance in luxury fashion as it has grown into new categories and projects. Aside from perfumes and colognes, the label has also developed home good products from leather accessories to room sprays and candles.These developments have attributed to new projects including their most recent work with IKEA, Travis Scott, and Off-White. 

Some of their most popular scents include Gypsy Water, Mojave Ghost, and Rose of No Man’s Land. All of these can be seen in a range of products including room sprays, hand creams, hair sprays, and hand wash. Each of these fragrances were created from Gorham’s memories or a moment in time. For example Rose of No Man’s Land is a scent tributed to the nurses and soldiers who were involved with World War I. A mixture of rose petals and raspberry blossom is contrasted by pink pepper and papyrus. This combination emits an aroma that takes you back to the event and makes you appreciate their sacrifice. Slow Dance from Byredo also unlocks a memory as it is inspired by teenage adolescence and high school moments. Notes of patchouli and vanilla offer a warm sensation while bright cuts of violet and geranium is reminiscent of innocence. Made for both men and women, the fragrances created by Gorham are perfectly balanced between masculinity and femininity. This execution offers the ideal unisex lifestyle product. Explore Byredo’s wide range of fragrances in many forms as the brand introduces lifestyle products and interior sets including: hand cream, hand lotion, and rinse-free hand wash. 

Explore Byredo’s signature scents and home good products available online now for invoice orders only. Click here to explore the latest fragrance delivery. 

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