Mastermind WORLD SS20 "TREASURE" Collection Available Now Online

Mastermind WORLD SS20 "TREASURE" Collection Available Now Online

Marissa Villamor

Mastermind WORLD is a sub-line that launched with the revival of Mastermind JAPAN in 2017. Mastermind JAPAN was originally founded in 1997 by Masaaki Homma. Homma picked the name “Mastermind” as it started with the same initials as his name and he enjoyed the duality of the definition. Mastermind JAPAN and Mastermind WORLD have a sense of mystery around them which has helped create a cult-like following for the brands.

To celebrate Mastermind JAPAN’s 20th anniversary, they announced the launch of their new global label, Mastermind WORLD. Homma describes the difference between JAPAN and WORLD as, “I find that mastermind WORLD serves as a spiritual successor of JAPAN through its centered investigation of themes.” Upon its launch, Homma set out to create a luxurious streetwear label with an extreme focus on details and quality. Mastermind WORLD sees a more functional perspective compared to Mastermind JAPAN and focuses on providing to their international audience with highly sought-after bold graphics.

Mastermind is easily recognizable by its iconic skull and crossbones motifs that can be seen across the label’s apparel from outerwear, tees, hoodies and more. Homma drew over 1,000 skulls by hand before settling on the logo we see today.

Mastermind WORLD “Treasure” collection features its signature style with a mix of urban aesthetic to the brand’s classic ready-to-wear apparel. The collection pays homage to Japan’s history of construction techniques and blends Homma’s bold streetwear visuals with an aesthetic rooted in darkness. Notable pieces in Mastermind WORLD’s SS20 collection include the Bandana T-Shirt with Homma’s signature skull motif, Bandana Crossbones Hoodie and other staple t-shirts with Homma’s signature motifs. Key colors featured are black, red and white. 

Mastermind WORLD's Bandana Shirt comes in both a red and black colorway. The shirt is a 100% cotton, full front button closure with a camp collar shirt, made in Japan. Mastermind WORLD's Bandana Crossbones Hoodie comes in a black and red colorway. The body features a 100% cotton hoodie with a 100% silk bandana in red, with embroidered and accented back graphics, made in Japan. 

Other notable pieces include Mastermind WORLD's All Over Logo Sweatshirt in both black and red colorways and Mastermind WORLD's Allover Logo T-shirt in both black and white colorways. 

To Shop Mastermind WORLD's SS20 "Treasure" collection click here. 

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