Material Study for Social Architecture: A-Cold-Wall* SS20 Now Available

Material Study for Social Architecture: A-Cold-Wall* SS20 Now Available

Marissa Villamor

A-Cold-Wall, often referred to as ACW, was founded in 2015 by London-based designer, Samuel Ross. Prior to the creation of ACW, Ross worked under iconic designer, Virgil Abloh of Off-White as an assistant. A-Cold-Wall was founded as a case study that looks into different cultures and class systems through art and garments. In response to the British social climate, Ross uses ACW to celebrate the energy of youth culture and incite a cultural conversation. 

The brand draws inspiration from architecture and industrial design in London’s street culture. It can be described as a modern yet luxurious menswear collective that features workwear apparel and high-end tailoring. With the use of utilitarian materials such as PVC, rubber, latex nylon and more, the brand puts an emphasis on making sustainable products and reducing their carbon footprint where they can. A-Cold-Wall has quickly gained notoriety since its inception and can be seen on major celebrities such as Rihanna, Jaden Smith, The Weeknd and more. 

The latest Spring/Summer delivery is named Material Study for Social Architecture. The collection explores the relationship between emotion and material while examining four foundational components; clay, lead, water and glass. Clay can be seen in reference through the different outwear pieces while lead is represented in the legwear pieces that focus on weight and tension of the fabric. Water can be seen through the different draping and pleating techniques that are similar to waters changeable form. The last element, glass, is represented throughout the suiting and tailoring techniques. The tailoring is both structured and rigid bringing in elements of glass. The latest delivery focuses on a systematic and industrial approach to garment design with these different elements and uses a color palette mostly of earth tones with white, beige, black red and aqua tones.

To shop the latest delivery from A-Cold-Wall click here. 

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