Monday Aug 05, 2019

Midnight Studios Summer 19 Collection Available Now


Brand Midnight Studios returns with a new range of apparel as part of their Summer 2019 collection ($110-$310). Founded back in 2014 by Shane Gonzalez, the brand takes heavy inspiration from many avenues, such as punk rock, DIY culture, and even other brands such as Undercover, among others. Here we see a couple of these ideas come through in a few of their graphic tees ($110), however, we also see a change of pace with some new neon-colored shirts ($110), as well as some crystal-emblazoned sweatshirts ($310) to top off the collection. Pick up your favorite pieces online or in-store today.


Monday May 16, 2022

New Brand Roster Addition: South2 West8

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Saturday May 14, 2022

Gallery Dept. New Arrivals

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