Modern Collegiate Designs by Saint Michael x Denim Tears

Modern Collegiate Designs by Saint Michael x Denim Tears

Chelsie Rendon

The latest in streetwear collaborations features Saint Michael and Denim Tears as they produce exclusive designs combining both of their aesthetics. Tremaine Emory, also known as Denim Tears, was asked by Saint Michael to collaborate on a handful of pieces that take on a distressed yet traditional aesthetic. The collection consists of crewnecks and sweatpants, that draw an emphasis on modern collegiate designs mixed with the typical wear and tear of vintage clothing. 

Saint Michael was a joint venture between READYMADE’s Yuta Hosokawa and renowned artist Cali Thornhill Dewitt. In 2019 they combined their creative mindsets and introduced the brand to the fashion industry. With their backgrounds, they were able to blend Japanese and American stylings into one brand. In each collection, we see a common trend of distressed and battered elements within the clothing for a ‘worn in’ aesthetic. Both Cali and Yuta wanted each piece to have character and personality. The use of high-quality fabric and materials are used within each piece created but is finished off with the lived-in style. 

Tremaine Emory has made a name for himself within the fashion industry as he has become acquainted with well-known designers including Off-White’s Virgil Abloh and Kanye West. Emory utilizes a vast variety of outlets to express his artistry including radio, podcast, events, and fashion. His work draws inspiration from his culture and current events, allowing him to create meaningful pieces. Emory’s portfolio consists of collaborations with powerhouse brands such as Converse, Levi’s, and New Balance. He is often asked to consult on many artistic productions as his outlook has a heavy influence within the streetwear community.

Saint Michael and Denim Tears joined forces in creating their latest pieces which consist of matching crewnecks and sweatpants in the colorways Navy and Red. The common theme within each garment is the collegiate aesthetic and traditional Saint Michael distressed detailing. The use of a college font is screen printed as the main focal point while minimal battered designs provide its vintage finish. The pieces are constructed using premium cotton and stitched with smooth trimmings. The sweatpants are adjustable with drawstrings and an elastic waistband that can be tailored to your liking. Each minor tear and uneven hue is strategically placed by the designers to contribute to the clothing’s characteristics thus completing its design. 

Saint Michael x Denim Tears collection is available now online. Click here to get a closer look at the exclusive designs. 

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