Needles S/S 19 Available Now

Needles S/S 19 Available Now

Alex To


Needles presents a fun new collection featuring fresh pieces for the spring and summer seasons ($320-$600). Keizo Shimizu, founded Nepenthes as an apparel distributor in Japan in 1988. 7 years later he would start his own brand 'Needles' that has brought unique and casual styles with a vintage feel for an elevated level of fashion. The collection features one of kind tees, hoodies, flannels, track suits, and more. A standard piece for the spring is the "Needles 5 Cuts Hoodie" ($465) displaying assorted colors with a reconstructive aesthetic. All pieces are handled with the highest quality and precision and are crafted in Japan. Pick up your favorite pieces from the Needles collection now, available online and in store at our Feature Wynn location. 

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