New Arrivals from Veja

New Arrivals from Veja

Haven Neiman


New Arrivals

The eco-friendly sneaker brand Veja was first established in France in 2005 by Sebastian Koop and Francois-Ghislain Morillion. These two friends were inspired to create Veja because while they were touring Southern America, Asia, and Australia in their non-profit group, the two became deeply connected with how footwear products were made. Sebastian and Francois-Ghislain sawThey wondered if it was possible to create sneakers that were both eco-friendly and ethically sourced, which they eventually did. Since its establishment, Veja has grown to become one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world. Veja sneakers are elevated and comfortable while also boasting some of the most ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials out there.


While using some of the most ecologically sourced materials on the planet, Veja is committed to standing up with one foot in design and the other in social responsibility. Over 35 styles have been designed by the brand, all of which feature their signature organic cotton made by farmer associations in Brazil and Peru. All organic cotton is woven and harvested into the canvas, laces, and uppers of each Veja sneaker. Additionally, Veja sneakers contain rubber from rubber tappers in the Amazon, which helps protect the future of the rainforests. Veja is committed to safeguarding its materials’ ecosystems while also producing a high-quality sneaker that is elevated in its aesthetic. 


Veja has introduced new colors for the season to some of their classic silhouettes, as seen in the Women’s V-10 Leather. This signature Vjea silhouette spotlights an authentically-crafted leather upper along with leather panels. This bovine leather comes from farms in Uruguay and is crafted in Brazil, further emphasizing the ethically-sourced design. With that, the iconic ‘V’ logo at the side panels are made from a blend of rubber and rice waste. Additional branding can be seen at the rear. The highly comfortable insole is a blend of Amazonian rubber, sugar cane, recycled EVA, and organic cotton materials. The same can be said for the outsole, while additional rice waste and recycled rubber appear within that portion. Recycled polyester makes up the lining, further contributing to its eco-friendly yet elevated aesthetic.


The V-12 Leather is another signature silhouette from Veja that elevates any sneaker collection. This lace-up design is also treated with the same bovine leather directly from the farms of Uruguay, and the signature ‘V’ logo boasts the rubber and rice waste materials. Organic cotton is placed throughout the laces and insole. Other materials like Amazonian rubber, sugar cane, recycled EVA, and recycled polyester is placed within portions of the sneaker like the outsole, insole, and lining.


Explore the latest Veja sneaker arrivals with signature silhouettes like the Women’s V-10 Leather and V-12 Leather, available now at our Calabasas and Wynn Las Vegas locations + online. Take a closer look at the new colors here.

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