New Fall Graphic Arrivals: Real Bad Man, Powers, + Hockey

New Fall Graphic Arrivals: Real Bad Man, Powers, + Hockey

Haven Neiman

New Fall Graphic Arrivals

Real Bad Man, Powers, + Hockey

The perfect fall staple to any wardrobe is a classic graphic tee. Easily layerable, graphic tees are a significant way to express yourself through clothing while representing any type of aesthetic. This fall, consider upgrading your graphic collection with new arrivals from our curated graphic-heavy brands: Real Bad Man, Powers, and Hockey. These brands incorporate street culture, music, and retro aesthetics through their wide variety of graphic apparel. Read below to learn more about these iconic labels and their new graphic arrivals for the fall.

California-based streetwear label Real Bad Man incorporates unique genres and subcultures from music, design, and art. They concentrate on having a fun aesthetic while utilizing retro graphics and pop culture placed on everyday apparel. Their signature mischievous cartoon motif makes an appearance on their offerings, emphasizing the brand’s artistic expression of their founders, former Art Director of Stussy Adam Weissman and artist Noah Butikis. The Los-Angeles based brand continues to craft retro-inspired apparel that incorporates unique graphics that highlight any outfit.

First founded in 2015 by professional skate legend Jason Dill, the streetwear label Hockey is the sister brand to the iconic brand Fucking Awesome. With a skater aesthetic sprinkled throughout each design, the brand comprises brash graphics that complement its founder’s personality. With contemporary street culture fashion label Powers, the brand takes inspiration from its founder Eric Elms’ energetic spirit. Having worked for iconic names such as Nike and Stussy, Elms has amassed a solidified stance in streetwear. With each graphic tee featuring unique aesthetics, Powers’ graphic tees draw inspiration from Eric’s childhood which primarily featured skateboarding. The brand is well-known for its signature character motif named Kilroy and modern graphics placed on a selection of illustrated essentials. Powers continues to push streetwear fashion boundaries within each graphic tee.

Incorporate new graphic arrivals into your outfit rotation from Real Bad Man, Powers, and Hockey. Shop the latest selections from these brands at all retail locations + online. To shop the new arrivals, click here.

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