New to Our Brand Roster: Acne Studios by Jonny Johansson

New to Our Brand Roster: Acne Studios by Jonny Johansson

Chelsie Rendon

Jonny Johansson remembers fashion being an integral part of his childhood but never realized how important it would become until 1997 when he developed the prolific fashion label, Acne Studios. Johansson reminisces on the times his dad used to dress him in clothing that pushed the boundaries. At the moment he thought it was embarrassing but now he realized he’s transferring this ideology over to his work today. At the young age of 26, he and a couple of friends started a creative collective called Acne. This brand focused on graphic designs, film production, and advertising. The name is an acronym for: ‘Ambition to Create Novel Expressions’ and has become a distinct name within Sweden. 

A year into their business, Johansson started playing with raw denim and designed unique jeans with unforgettable red stitching. These jeans were given to only friends and family but soon caught on as many were feverishly asking for a pair. After his unprecedented success with his jeans, in 1997 he officially began Acne Studios and focused on designing clothes. The Stockholm-based fashion house has taken the fashion industry by storm as they implement a multidisciplinary approach to each collection they produce. Jonny Johansson’s love for photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture drives each collection for a unique combination of styles. 

Acne Studio’s attention to detail is crucial as they emphasize intricate tailoring, eclectic use of materials, or even their own custom-development of fabrics. This particular outlook transforms ready-to-wear staples into durable and fashion statements that can be worn in any setting. The company has grown exponentially since its inception and now introduces new styles in a wide range of categories including footwear, accessories, denim, houseware, lifestyle, and kid’s apparel known as ‘Acne Studios Mini.’ Many recognize the company due to its distinct box face emblem. Johansson implements this logo within his designs for a utilitarian and cohesive aesthetic with each piece. The icon has become synonymous with the label and offers a sense of authenticity on every garment design.

The latest arrivals from Acne Studios are styles perfect for everyday wear as they introduce staple closet pieces with their premium fabrics and distinct smiley face emblem. Just in time for warmer weather, the collection takes a lighter approach with pastel shades and neutral tones. The Pastel Stripe T-Shirt in Powder Blue emulates this aesthetic with light hues and a subtle pattern. Designed with organically grown cotton, the tee offers a comfortable fit during times of wear. The signature patch stitched on the chest can also be seen on varying garments including the Face Patch T-Shirt and Hooded Sweatshirt. The delivery also includes their comfortable Cotton Sweatpants. Featured in Light Grey Melange, Navy, and Black the pants are designed for leisure or can be styled for the perfect streetwear attire. 

In addition to their ready-to-wear, they’ve also included statement pieces that can elevate any outfit. Acne Studio’s Beaded Sweatshirt plays on their distinct motif as their main image. Embroidered upon the base, the vibrant image stands out against the neutral coloring. This eclectic design can also be seen in the Flannel Shorts. A traditional plaid design features an acid-wash treatment that contrasts the base. The shorts are completed with a comfortable waistband and adjustable drawcords that can be tailored to suit your personal style. 

The latest arrivals from Acne Studios are now available at our Calabasas location + online. To grab a closer look at signature pieces, click here.

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