Wednesday Jan 06, 2021

OFF-WHITE Resort 21 "What Stars Are You Under?" Available Now

The modern designs created by Virgil Abloh cultivated the streetwear scene; making his brand indefinite and constant work on creativity. Abloh has worked within the fashion industry for a while, his first venture was the well-known brand Pyrex Vision he then transitioned to the label OFF-WHITE. The brand takes on streetwear fashion with the premium qualities of Italy as well as the modern society of Western streetwear and subcultures. Even if you don’t know who Virgil Abloh is, his brand has populated the scene with his industrial/tape patterns, plastic zip tie tags, and quotation titles. The signature motifs take from his roots from college and master’s degree in architecture. 

Within the Resort 21 collection, Virgil Abloh designs pieces paying tribute to historic artists like Michaelangelo Carravagio, Paul Pascal, and Leonardo da Vinci. Abloh takes the impressionable paintings and combines Off-White’s aesthetic to ensure a contemporary look. Along with the artistry pattern, we find the iconic arrow motifs sporting a more eclectic and vibrant color palette. The Marker S/S and L/S showcase these unique colorways that aren’t typically found within Off-White’s collections. As well as apparel, the collection provides an abundance of accessories varying from belts, iPod cases, wallets, and face masks. Each piece created features an iconic Off-White motif like the industrial tape, diagonal lines, and/or arrows. Different colorways are provided for the beloved Low Vulcanized Canvas sneaker. Patterns and bright colors are introduced to popular shoes, along the upper canvas and the rubber outsole. Besides the striking colors, a zip-tie is provided on each shoe for Off-White’s traditional branding.

Off-White ℅ Virgil Abloh’s Resort 21 Delivery is available online. To shop for the latest delivery, click here.
Tuesday January 19, 2021

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