Palm Angels Fall 2021 Available Now


FALL 2021

When developing Palm Angels, Francesco Ragazzi knew exactly what he wanted to create, and combining the luxurious constructions from Italy with the street style of the West Coast was an aesthetic perfectly achieved during its debut. Founded in 2015, Palm Angels is based in Milan and was initially brought to life after releasing a photography book showcasing the lifestyle of young skaters and its subculture. Ragazzi wanted to take this conception and produce quality clothing with the same edge the younger generations produce. The fashion label is best-known for its tracksuit designs but also continues to produce seasonally relevant collections and has grown its umbrella to include women, unisex, and accessories. Francesco Ragazzi is completely devoted to Palm Angels but is also the mastermind behind top brand Moncler. His contemporary outlook is favored by many as top names such as Chris Brown and American-rapper Future, have worn Palm Angels proudly. 

Most recently, Ragazzi debuted his Fall/Winter 2021 Collection from Palm Angels. Drawing emphasis on newly developed and beloved graphics, the delivery can be seen highlighting the ‘Spray Heart,’ ‘Palm Bear,’ and the ‘F&F’ artwork. The ‘Spray Heart’ is a vibrant and charming design that incorporated signature branding and graffiti qualities. The ‘Palm Bear’ was initially introduced in the fall of 2019 but has become a sought-after style that perfectly balances Palm Angels’ preppy and rough street style. Lastly, making its debut this season, the ‘F&F’ graphic focuses on simplistic text and is the first graphic that doesn’t include imagery. 


Primarily centered around clothing, the collection introduces the Spray Heart Crewneck and Sweatshorts. Paired together, the duo highlights the new imagery which stands out against the cream-colored base. Its high-quality cotton construction is emphasized as intricate stitching delivers a seamless experience during times of wear. The Palm Angels’ Spray Heart Cap also highlights the graphic in a form of a trucker hat. Its foam base is styled with a mesh backing and adjustable snapback closure. When worn as a full outfit, the designs are a perfect balance of casual streetwear and quality comfort. In preparation for the cooler weather, the delivery includes new colorways of signature pieces such as a fuchsia version of their Flannel Curved Logo Overshirt and a bold green variant of the iconic Track Jacket with matching pants. The GD Curved Logo Crewneck is also a great piece this season as it can be worn alone or layered depending on the occasion. 

Lastly, complete your outfits with Palm Angels’ wide variety of socks. Constructed with a blend of fabrics, the socks are breathable and cushioned for a comfortable experience. From the F&F Logo Socks to the Bear Socks, each design takes a minimalist and neutral approach- making it the perfect addition to any outfit. The Palm Angels Fall 2021 collection is now available at all retail locations + online. Grab a closer look at the latest arrivals, here.