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Many fashion labels have grown since their inception and Salomon is no different as they have transformed their initial ski production company into a full-fledged footwear line for all occasions. In 1947 near the Swiss alps, François Salomon opened his metal shop to appease tourists and athletes during their time skiing on the mountain. This business would stay within the family as François’s only son and wife would help create steel edges and continuously revolutionize cable bindings for boots. Together they would grow in popularity as their production and replacement of traditional items would outlast competitors. 

After a solid 19 years of growth within the little city of Annecy, Salomon would finally get their first break in 1966 when their bindings would be a part of the World Alpine championships. Their innovative mindset and dedication to the sport were well-known and they prevailed throughout the mid-90s to become a top performer within the ski industry. As they grew so did their umbrella as they would consider adding different categories to their name. Hiking and running would later make their appearance during the 90s. Just like their ski boots and technology, they utilized the same premium ethos when creating any other athletic sneaker. 

In the mid-2000s Salomon stuck true to their heritage and started getting noticed by not just sports groups but they started to appear in little boutiques across Paris. Still close to home, some places realized that their style and quality designs are what people actually wanted. The Broken Arm introduced Salomon’s footwear to everyday aesthetics and the sneakers slowly transformed into a fashionable work shoes. Photographers, fashion stylists, and editors started wearing the footwear as it had a long-lasting lifespan and also contributed to optimal comfort during long periods of standing. The Speedcross model gave Salomon an opportunity to infiltrate lifestyle fashion and since then, the label has grown exponentially as they have partnered with Comme des Garçons and Ralph Lauren. 


Salomon has officially become a part of our brand lineup and we would like to highlight some of their signatures designs. In addition to the Speedcross silhouette, Salomon’s XT-6 and the XT-6 Advanced have become prevalent sneakers within streetwear and high fashion wardrobes. Very similar in style, the XT-6 features a synthetic and textile upper that highlights classic Salomon branding. Cotton laces are swapped out for durable cable wires while the outsole features an exaggerated rubber to combat outer forces and withstand rough terrain. EVA cushioning is placed within the midsole for a propelling experience with each step allowing users to stay on their feet for long periods of time. The Advanced version is incredibly similar but showcases unique attributes including lively palettes and TPU throughout the outsole for more stability with each step. 

The latest footwear arrivals from Salomon are now available at all retail locations + online. Grab a closer look at the brand’s classic footwear styles, here.