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Comme des Garçon’s origin first began in 1973 with Rei Kawakubo. Her passion for design and women’s fashion inspired the self-taught designer to create pieces that were different from women’s fashion at the time: unique, comfortable, and functional. Kawakubo wanted to introduce non-conforming styles comparable to men’s clothing, which makes sense considering the namesake’s English translation is ‘Like boys’ in French. Although the movement questioned standard female clothing designs, since its beginnings the brand has seeped over into men’s and children’s clothing. Not only is Comme des Garçons itself incredibly sought after and admired, but the diffusion of different lines has also emerged from the brand’s empire, including Comme des Garçons Noir, Homme Plus, SHIRT, and most notably, PLAY.


Comme des Garçons Play was released in 2002 as a casual streetwear line that appeals to the younger generation. The line has since grown to one of the most popular and sought-after of the brand and the entire streetwear culture. Within each piece, there are top-quality fabrics and processes that introduce everyday styles with an elevated finish. The elevated wardrobe essentials incorporate simplistic patterns as well as utilize the signature bug-eyed heart motif. Designed by Polish artist Filip Pagowski, the motif’s symbolism represents a ‘sign, symbol, and feeling.’ The logo was initially submitted for a different Comme des Garçons project that never made the cut. But thankfully, it was released as the centerpiece image of the PLAY line, which became more prominent than anybody could have imagined. The brand’s pieces continue to incorporate both modern and casual aesthetics into the designs.


The line’s most recent arrivals continue to present elevated wardrobe essentials that are both minimalist and sleek, and of course, intertwine the signature red heart motif. As seen in the Red Emblem Button Down, the piece is the perfect layering garment for the cooler months. The shirt features signature embroidered branding as well as a full button closure for adjustability. Cut in complete cotton; the shirt is both breathable and comfortable. An additional piece includes the Stacked Heart Hooded Sweatshirt. This classic zip-up hoodie is elevated with the stacked heart motif embroidered on the upper-left chest. The complete cotton-cut hoodie consists of a full zip closure and ribbed trims for a secure fit. 


Comme des Garçons PLAY, known for its minimalist details and designs for everyday apparel, continues to be displayed throughout its new arrivals. In the Printed Sleeve L/S, the bug-eyed red heart is printed on both sleeves, and the brand’s logo prints intertwined within the silhouette. The ‘non-designed design on the tee, as well as its cotton cut finish, provides a sleek addition to any outfit. Comme des Garçons clothing tends to have a smaller fit, so we recommend sizing up.

Comme des Garçons PLAY is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop the latest arrivals, click here.