The Origins of Ksubi Jeans

The Origins of Ksubi Jeans

Ksubi began when three friends came together to fulfill a need within the jean market that wasn’t given the light of day during the 90s. When Gareth Moody, Dan Single, and George Gorrow met one another in Los Angeles, they all had a passion for music but they didn’t realize their career would lead them into the world of fashion. Eventually, they would head to their homes in Australia where they would join forces again and create a band. When they would book a performance they would also create their own clothing to coincide as they wanted to not only stand out but have clothing that reflects their grunge and unapologetic aesthetic. They especially had a rough time finding denim jeans with personality and ultimately a skinnier fit. Knowing that other fashion labels weren’t fulfilling this goal, the trio decided to debut their own denim line called Tsubi in 1999. This name would change in 2006 after trademark infringement and it would become the name we know today, Ksubi. 


When introduced to the public they wanted to make it evident that their brand provides jeans with a good fit, premium materials/constructions, and is rarely influenced by modern trends. Because of this brash and bold attitude, the denim brand quickly became popular and in 2002, they would make their international debut solidifying their place within the global fashion industry. Since its inception, Ksubi jeans are incredibly sought after due to their cult following and enthusiasts. They have seen collaborations with renowned designer Jeremy Scott and most recently have partnered with Kendall Jenner to promote their signature styles. Ksubi also makes an appearance in modern music culture as artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, and A$AP Ferg refer to the brand in their songs and everyday lifestyle routine. Their signature styles have infiltrated both mainstream and underground communities.

Some of their most popular silhouettes are known as Van Winkle and Chitch. The Van Winkle Jeans are a classic design as they introduce a skinny fit to the traditional garment and are finished with a mid-rise style. Premium Turkish denim/cotton is utilized within each silhouette for a premium and durable base that can outlive traditional denim lifespans. The Chitch model is incredibly similar to the Van Winkle but instead, it can be seen with more striking and worn-in elements in addition to a rigid denim texture. This design is also made with a slim fit and mid-rise design and most importantly it can make a statement wherever you go. Ksubi’s latest arrivals include updated colorways and patterns such as the Van Winkle in Originate Trashed and Chitch’s Exile Trashed

The latest arrivals from Ksubi are now available at our Chinatown and Wynn Las Vegas location + online. To grab a closer look at signature pieces, click here.