Wacko Maria Delivery Available Now

Thursday Jul 11 2019


Wacko Maria presents a delivery of stylish apparel and accessories for the summer season, incorporating a wide range of pieces such as: tees, button ups, jackets, bags, and more ($100-$560). With heavy influences from music, film, and art, Wacko Maria transcends the limits of contemporary fashion. Since its inception in 2005, the Japanese label continues to put out original pieces with unmatched craftsmanship. Standing behind the ethos of the brand, romance and glamour are brought to the forefoot with the creation of every piece. A standout piece from the collection shows the "Tim Lehi Hawaiian Shirt (Type-2)", ($475) constructed in Japan with 100% high quality rayon with a gorgeous tiger pattern and design for a fashionable take. The brand takes inspirational cues with loud colors to make their graphics really pop. A popular accessory showcases the "Washed Canvas Shoulder Bag", ($180) completely garment washed and paired with silver tone hardware for a durable and quality addition to any fit. Check out more pieces from Wacko Maria now, available online and in store at both Feature Wynn and Spring Mountain locations.  

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