Monday Apr 05, 2021

Wacko Maria Spring ‘21 Collection Available Now

Wacko Maria has grown into one of the most influential brands within the streetwear scene as they offer non-conventional aesthetics upon sophisticated and tailored pieces. The founders of the label, Keiji Ishizuka and Atsuhiko Mori utilize influences from the United States for their distinct designs. Their appreciation for music, films, photography, and art contributes to their overall style. Initially, they were focused on their rise in Japanese soccer but unfortunately had to take early retirement. But they didn’t let this slow them down instead they shifted on opening a bar that infused 50s rockabilly with sports. The ROCK STEADY Bar opened in Tokyo and became an instant success as their unique take was something different within the area. They realized how impactful their influences were and decided to use this to cultivate something out of their comfort zones. 

With a steady following, Ishizuka and Mori diverted their focus onto apparel and lifestyle products under the ROCK STEADY name. They eventually found themselves collaborating with popular Japanese labels which prompt them into the development of a separate clothing line. Wacko Maria made its official debut in 2005 and the clothing brand was able to combine Ishizuka and Mori’s love for American culture onto wardrobe staples. Every year the fashion label puts forth updated and newly designed pieces that are reminiscent of the brand’s origins. Cardigans, outerwear, and accessories make their way into the latest collection as the brand highlights iconic motifs and phrases. 

The latest collection introduces a mix of vibrant hues upon classic designs as seen with the Mohair Cardigan Type 2 in a blue colorway. A blend of mohair, nylon, and wool contributes to its luxurious quality for an elevated finish compared to the standard cardigan. Contrasting the bright blue, signature branding is found upon the back and is embroidered in an Old English font. The script is accented with a striking pink colorway that works well with the vibrancy. In conjunction with the bright pink colorway on the cardigan, the fashion label also incorporates a rendition of Type 8 and Type 6 Crewneck within the spring collection. Both pieces are designed with a pink hue tying everything together. The crewnecks utilize premium cotton for a casual and soft-to-the-touch experience while distinct branding is printed upon the chest and back. 

Wacko Maria also highlights their signature Type 3 socks. Following a monochromatic design, the socks revert to retro gym styles while adding the signature ‘Guilty Parties’ catchphrase upon the collar. Colors including brown, navy, white, and grey offer a wide range of options that can be applied to any outfit. Easily incorporate a pair with the newest rendition of the Army Shirt Type 3. The formal design of the shirt is accented with pink embroidery and full-length button closure. We commonly see slight military influences within their collections and the Army Shirt is a full reminder of throwback industrial uniforms. 

Wacko Maria SS21 collection is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

Saturday June 12, 2021

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