How to Use the FEATURE Premium Cleaning Kit

Bring your sneakers back to life with our FEATURE Premium Cleaning Kit. The kit includes the Sneaker Cleaner, Sneaker Protector, Odor Protector, Premium Brush, and two free sneaker wipes. This environmentally-friendly kit is a must-have for extending the lifespan of your sneakers. Grab a closer look at how to use the exclusive FEATURE Premium Cleaning Kit in the video above. Shop Now: Items Needed: Bowl of warm water Dry fiber cloth Steps: Step 1: Apply FEATURE Sneaker Cleaner to shoe Step 2: Dip your FEATURE Premium Brush into warm water Step 3: Gently brush your sneakers Step 4: Wipe your sneakers with a dry cloth & leave to dry Step 5: Spray FEATURE Sneaker Protector + FEATURE Odor Protector

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