032c Spring ‘21 “Systéme De La Mode” Available Now

032c Spring ‘21 “Systéme De La Mode” Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Joerg Koch has always had a passion for contemporary artistry and after visiting the city of New York, he knew where his drive would lead him. Just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he moved to Berlin in hopes to start a creative project with two other friends. This project would be a space for varying artists to showcase their work. With time they developed dignified shows and started to accumulate traction. Their ‘project’ didn’t have an identity, therefore Joerg would internally consider the direction of his work. He would then settle and give it the name, ‘032c’ and in the year 2000, the brand would officially make its debut. 

Named after the Pantone code for the color red, Joerg would also develop a bi-annual magazine. This would truly solidify their name within the industry as they would combine intellectual conversations with cultural criticism. Many enjoyed its raw outlook and artist including Raf Simmons would become an advocate for the brand.  With time, the magazine would shine a light on a wide range of creatives from Pablo Picasso, Rei Kawakubo, to Frank Ocean. Most recently, the magazine introduced new projects where celebrities would provide comprehensive histories on prolific names. Stars including Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid have incorporated their outlook on fashion through an array of articles and photography. 

With its growing popularity, the magazine would extend its creativity into different categories and in 2016, Joerg’s wife would introduce the first-ever apparel collection. Maria Koch wanted the clothing line to mirror the magazine and the overall brand. Premium and elevated staples are given a modern and honorary touch as it references historic moments within art and fashion history. The brand is now highly coveted within the streetwear industry due to its technical influences and elevated garments. Brands include Stüssy, Alyx, and Swarovski have worked in partnership with 032c, making their name even more prominent. 

Most recently 032c would introduce their Spring 2021 collection. Focusing on ready-to-wear garments, the delivery highlighted modern techniques upon premium closet staples. Titled, “SYSTÈME DE LA MODE” the collection is developed by creative director Maria Koch and styled by Marc Goehring.  Systéme De La Mode is a capsule that focuses on fashion as a language and its development through history. This ideology can be seen within the Barthes T-Shirt and Vitruv T-Shirt. Screen-printed graphics highlight historic moments in time while UV-sensitive ink gives the garments an elevated touch. In conjunction with the graphic tees, the collection also includes sweatpants and shorts that can be casually worn in any setting. The Glow In The Dark Sweatpant and Reflective Logo Sweatpant implements modern techniques with minimalist finishes, allowing the premium fabrication to speak for itself. 

The Spring 2021 SYSTÈME DE LA MODE” collection from 032c  is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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