Tuesday Jul 07, 2020

424's SS20 American Psycho Collection

FourTwoFair on Fairfax was initially created as a destination shopping experience located in the streetwear district of Los Angeles. Growing from its boutique location, 424 has extended into its own private label created by Guillermo Andrade. Inspired by contemporary art mixed with classic LA street style, 424 has expanded into is own ready-to-wear collection and jewelry line that is easily recognized by its distinctive red armband. The brand aesthetic is known for having clean and understated details that grab attention with its bold designs. 

424’s latest SS20 collection is inspired by Patrick Batman and the American Psycho, which captures the eerie and cryptic feel of the cult-classic film. The collection offers a range of apparel from t-shirts to jackets that showcase Patrick Bateman and iconic moments throughout the film. The pieces highlight the moment when Bateman removes his face masks and also plays nods to famous quotes thought out the movie. The famous saying “No can do! I got an eight thirty res at Delilah” is found on both a t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Besides the “Delilah” apparel, other notable pieces are the Cocaine Comics short sleeve shirt, Mirror Comics short sleeve shirt, Psycho long sleeve shirt and a mix of accessories from socks to hats. The collection also features art by artist, Benjamin Marra. Marra has designed print illustrations inspired by American Psycho that are featured on the latest 424 SS20 line. To shop 424’s latest collection click here. 
Saturday August 8, 2020

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Thursday August 6, 2020

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