Tuesday May 11, 2021

A Guide on Our Ready-To-Wear Tees

Since its first appearance in the 1800’s, the idea of ready-to-wear has evolved and become prevalent within the fashion industry. By definition, ready-to-wear is intended to be worn without significant alteration and is made at a standard size. But as the clothing line grew in popularity so did the techniques and fabrications. With time, popular brands including Chanel and Dior, would introduce their renditions of signature styles; forever changing the idea of ready-to-wear. As the concept has progressed, we centered our focus on providing quality garments that are perfect for every occasion; thus our ready-to-wear collection made its debut in 2015. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, our collection is produced by our private in-house label that offers premium quality upon everyday apparel. Since its inception we have concentrated on perfecting our craft and providing designs that elevate traditional garments and constructions. Our collection continues to grow as we have introduced a variety of t-shirt’s that are applicable to any occasion. But the core of our ready to wear line relies heavily on our signature t-shirts; Haring, Braque, Proto, and Kelven II. The quality and design take cues from classic garments with altercations that are fit for a premium fit and modern aesthetic. 


The most recent addition includes our Haring Tee. Crafted for a standard fit, the tee sees elevated touches which contribute a lightweight and durable finish. Its 10oz cotton jersey provides a breathable and soft complexion while a vintage ladder stitch is met upon the seams. This type of stitching emphasizes a tight braid on either side of the ‘ladder’ which elevates its integrity and offers flush trims. The t-shirt is then finished with an enzyme wash treatment. When utilizing an enzyme wash, the garment is given an overlay that protects the vibrancy and coloring of the piece but also provides a complexion that is soft to the touch- making it the ideal design for layering.


Our Braque Tee takes on a more contemporary aesthetic as the tee combines intricate detailing with an oversized fit.  Inspired by Cubism artist, Georges Braque, the tee speaks to his artistic 2D style. When laid flat, the tee is made for a boxy fit which is complemented by an off-centered breast pocket. The placement of the pocket is referred to ‘Wabi-Sabi’ - an aesthetic that appreciates irregularity and uneven precision. Primarily practiced in Buddhism, we utilized this concept within the tee to emphasize its deliberate imperfection and make it fit into everyday styles. Composed of a cotton-yarn knit, the tee is specifically cut and dyed for a soft experience and long-lasting quality. Notable attributes also include a loose self-fabric neckline and a double layered back yoke for a sturdier and better-fitting finish. 


If you prefer a more vintage inspired look, the Proto Tee implements artistic stylings that revert to traditional pieces. A textured cotton slub jersey constructs the base contributing to its 11.78 oz finish. The midweight complexion is made for an oversized fit which optimizes its comfort during times of wear. A process is set in place which contains a drop needle technique and a reactive dye treatment; giving the tee a distinct finish. Upon the shoulders, the tee is designed with a four-thread overlock stitch and a fitted round-neckline. Both attributes perfectly balance its leisurely aspects with its elevated details. 


Lastly, the Kelven II is the ideal cut and sew tee that can be utilized as a layering aspect or transitioned for a statement piece. The upgraded silhouette is designed with a regular body length shape and a standard fit. Prima Cotton and a 20 single thread count contribute to its flush and soft to the touch composure along with emphasizing its extreme durability. To complete the design, a triple needle stitch is seen at the seams. This technique provides a unique finish to the trim while shining a light on its strength and longevity. 

Pair our ready-to-wear t-shirts with our Montgomery Cargo Pants. Making its introduction this year, the pants can be incorporated in a casual or sophisticated setting. To learn more, click here. Elevate your everyday style with our premium-made ready-to-wear collection. To watch how the styles fit on body, click here

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