Tuesday Apr 13, 2021

A Sustainable Option to Eyewear | AKILA

 When Akila was first introduced to the fashion industry in 2018, they had a clear mission that set them apart from other brands. Their focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices were key in development. The independent eyewear brand focuses on providing unisex eyewear that can withstand the trials of fashion and style. With this in mind, their frames follow traditional silhouettes that are flattering for all. Bright colors and patterns make their way into certain deliveries as they all champion premium craftsmanship and the signature plant base construction. Since their launch, they have grown exponentially and partnered with brands such as Chinatown Market, HUF, and Pleasures. Many enjoy their outlook on preservation and minimizing waste thus Akila has a wide range of celebrity followings from Conan O’Brien to J Balvin and Halsey. Their popularity continues to grow as they have become an advocate for sustainability and contemporary fashion. 

What makes the brand stand out from the crowd is its use of plant-based materials within its eyewear construction. The use of cellulose acetate is key as it is a natural bioplastic made from cotton and/or wood pulp. The compound is decorated in various colors and patterns and turned into tiny pellets or sheets that can be later molded into the final product. Its biodegradable and renewable stature is an alternative approach to accessories that Akila offers to the public.  This acetate is made to last therefore Akila has provided a recyclable process when consumers have outgrown their styles. When you ship your old frames to Akila, they will either reuse, donate, or repair the accessory so it’s properly recycled. Akila continues to promote eco-conscious choices and practices in hopes to be part of the solution and help the planet.  

Akila’s latest delivery has just arrived in time for Earth Day. Celebrate the holiday with accessories that are better for the environment. Some of the brand’s core silhouettes include the Apollo, Zed, and Legacy lens. For a more chunky and retro design, the Apollo is a statement accessory that can tie an outfit together. For a more casual design, the Legacy is slimmer and resembles timeless designs seen throughout fashion history. If your style craves something more contemporary then the Verve 2.0 takes on a retro and bold aesthetic. No matter your style, Akila has you covered. Working alongside their beautiful designs is their premium constructions and practices. To partner with the plant base acetate, Akila offers quality features such as an optical class 1 nylon lens. These lenses are top quality and offer 100% UVA and UVB protection during times of wear. To keep everything together, stainless steel 5-barrel hinges offer durability and flexibility within their build. In totality, Akila offers quality frames that are attainable for all. 

AKILA’s latest delivery is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop for the latest collection online, click here.

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