An Artist Collective | PLEASURES Summer ‘21

An Artist Collective | PLEASURES Summer ‘21

Chelsie Rendon

The clothing industry continues to push the boundaries and the fashion label, Pleasures, follows suit by offering brash and vintage-inspired designs that contrast typical garments. Created in 2015 by Alex James, Pleasures is a love note to the 90s and grunge era. Taking inspiration from different sub-cultures, the label evokes a sense of nostalgia for those who have a deep appreciation for punk and skate culture. These themes are transferred over to modern-day clothing for styles that will outlast forever-changing trends. Pleasures have been seen on many celebrities including Louis Vuitton’s Kim Jones, Kylie Jenner, and Wiz Khalifia- solidifying the name even more. As the weather begins to warm up, Pleasures introduce their Summer ‘21 delivery which includes a wide range of graphics developed by varying artists. 

Pleasures reached out to different artists around the world to contribute to their summer collection. Los Angeles-based artist, Chad Greenberg, developed the Flameboy T-Shirt. He combined his retro and colorful artistry with Pleasures’ signature aesthetic for a new graphic this season. The brand has also joined forces with other creatives including London-based graphic designer Geezer and eccentric creatives Dj Healthy and Wyatt Knowles. The collection shines a light on their work and their unique outlook on society.

The strong imagery and graphics also include new variants of their branding. The Thicc Logo T-Shirt and Premium Crewneck play on familiar motifs commonly seen within the fashion industry. While the Vibration T-Shirt reminds us of the early 2000s and punk labels. In addition to apparel, the collection includes headwear and sunglasses. The Hyde Logo Bucket Hat, Hump Nylon Sports Cap, and Vibration Mesh Trucker Cap all draw emphasis to the fashion label’s name for a distinct finish. Their neutral colorings and premium construction offer long-lasting designs that can be styled with any outfit. Lastly, the collection includes their sought-after Method Sunglasses. Pleasures’ premium eyewear is elevated with sustainable acetate and UV protection. The classic design of the Method glasses offers versatility and all-day comfort. 

The Summer ‘21 Collection from Pleasures is now available at all retail locations + online. To grab a closer look at signature pieces, click here.

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