Billionaire Boys Club Winter 2021

Billionaire Boys Club Winter 2021

Haven Neiman

Billionaire Boys Club

Winter 2021

Staple streetwear brand Billionaire Boys Club has been involved in the fashion industry notably since 2003. Instilled by rapper, songwriter, music producer, and fashion designer Pharrell and NIGO, who is tied to Japanese labels Bathing Ape and Human Made, Billionaire Boys Club continues to maintain its stake as a globally recognized clothing accessory and lifestyle brand. Considered a blend of streetwear and luxury, the brand intertwines fashion, music, design, and culture concepts within each collection offering. As one of the forefronting leaders in fashion, Billionaire Boys Club is also known for its sub-label ICECREAM. The phrase ‘Wealth is of the heart and mind. Not the pocket’ is seen throughout each item, as it is the brand’s mantra and Pharrell’s aspirational motto. This phrase intends to provoke thought and focus on originality and authentic self-expression, which can be seen within the brand’s offerings. With that, Billionaire Boys Club introduces its latest collection—Winter 2021.


The Winter 2021 Collection explores the interconnectedness of all things physical and metaphysical within the universe. Emphasizing inner peace, the phrase ‘Seak inner peace’ is sprinkled throughout the wide variety of graphics placed on a selection of seasonally appropriate layering pieces, staple tees, and headwear. This collection aims to spotlight the notions of intentional mindfulness and personal wellness juxtaposed with galactic imagery and space exploration imagery, nodding to the brand’s signature astronaut motif. 


The Billionaire Boys Club BB Cerebral Hoodie is perfect for wearing on its own or layering underneath a jacket. Crafted entirely from french terry cotton, the silhouette incorporates all-over screen-printed embroidered phrases, graphics, and branding that references the collection’s wellness and space imagery inspiration. A drawstring hood, kangaroo pocket, and ribbed details are seen at the cuffs, and the hem offers final detail to the silhouette. The Billionaire Boys Club BB Letterman Jacket takes on a collegiate approach to traditional outerwear for a further spotlighted outfit. Featuring a blend of cotton, polyester, and nylon throughout the body, contrasting leather sleeves emphasize the design’s optimal detailing. A patched astronaut motif spotlights the upper-left portion of the chest along with the button-up closure and ribbed detailing.

“Wealth is of the heart and mind. Not the pocket.”

Billionaire Boys Club continues its graphic tee legacy as seen in the Herbs S/S Tee. Featuring a cotton-cut design, the silhouette incorporates a signature crew neckline, and the phrase ‘Rest your Heart & Mind’ screen-printed along with branding and an image of plants placed within a truck. Paired well with the tee includes the BB Lifeforce Jogger. The warm yet elevated silhouette also crafted from cotton fleece provides embroidered branding that spotlights the design. Side pockets allow you to keep your belongings close, while the elastic waistband and cuffs offer additional detail and security.

Further emphasizing the collection’s approach to personal wellness while intertwining galactic imagery, items such as the Billionaire Boys Club Yoga Mat are included in the latest delivery. Made entirely from synthetic leather, incorporate this bold design into your weekly workout routine. Screen-printed branding and graphics comprise the design while carrying straps are also included.


The Winter 2021 Collection from Billionaire Boys Club is available now, in-store + online. To explore the recent arrivals, click here.

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