Introducing Gentle Monster // Innovative Eyewear Designs

Introducing Gentle Monster // Innovative Eyewear Designs

Marissa Villamor

Gentle Monser is a South-Korean eyewear brand founded in 2011 by Hankook Kim. Created on the idea of high-end experimentation and innovation, the eyewear label has quickly become an international brand with its diverse silhouettes and elegant designs. 

Gentle Monster produces both sunglasses, glasses and a variety of eyewear accessories. The label puts high importance on the quality of the product, styling and space, which is translated throughout their creative projects and retail locations. With over 50 continuous silhouettes and over 20 new designs every season, Gentle Monster has eyewear for anyone during any season. The luxury eyewear label prides itself on providing unique aesthetics and designs for every silhouette, as well as embodying a different perspective perfect to find a pair of shades for anyone. 

Gentle Monster provides a mix of sunglass silhouettes from classic to avant-garde, to playful to elegance. The glasses are said to live on the idea of being somewhere between the past and the future. 

Since the start, the brand has gained notoriety from a handful of designers and brands. Gentle Monster has partnered with high-end luxury brands such as Fendi, Alexander Wang and more. Most recently, Gentle Monster has partner with Diplo on their “Space Cowboy” capsule which features two different shades with a total of four pairs. With the rapid growth that Gentle Monster has seen, the brand has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

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