Tuesday Oct 20, 2020

Just Don NFL California Gold Rush Pack Available Now

Founded in 2011 by cultural iconic, Don C, Just Don is known for reinventing classic sportswear from NBA shorts, jerseys and python leather snapbacks. The brand fuses luxury fashion with the sports, entertainment and music industries, resonating with sports fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Well-known for its extremely sought after Just Don python leather snapbacks, Just Don has a continuous partnership with Mitchell & Ness, where the brand is able to rework retro sportswear and apparel that we see in their collections today. 

Just Don has just released its NFL California Gold Rush pack including the NFL teams on the coasts of California including, Los Angeles Rams, former Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers shorts. The Just Don x Mitchell & Ness shorts are 100% Poly textured mesh shorts with a knit rib waistband. 

For the “LA Rams” shorts, the logo is embroidered with twill, featuring gold cord tips and Lampo zippers. For the former Oakland Raiders, now Las Vegas Raiders, the shorts feature “Raiders” embroidered in twill, a Super Bowl 18 pitch, silver cord tips and Lampo zippers. Lastly, for the San Francisco 49ers shorts, the shorts feature an embroidered logo in twill, a Super Bowl 29 patch, gold cord tips and Lampo zippers. 

What team is your favorite?

Ready to secure your pair? Just Don x Mitchell & Ness NFL California Gold Rush pack is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop online, click here.
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