NBA Shorts by Just Don Available Now

NBA Shorts by Just Don Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Just Don 

NBA Shorts Available Now 

Just Don has become a notable name within streetwear as fashion designer Don Crawley has perfectly blended his love for contemporary wear with athletic teams. When he first debuted his brand in 2011, Just Don took off as his connections within the hip-hop industry supported his apparel; particularly headwear. He would design hats highlighting different teams within the NBA, NHL, and MLS with python or snakeskin accents. These hats became very popular and eventually led to Just Don’s success within the fashion industry. The brand’s most recent delivery includes iconic basketball teams.



The newest design within their latest line-up highlights the Washington Wizards. The east coast team was founded in 1961 and has had a full lineup of renowned players including Michael Jordan. From 2001 to 2003, Jordan spent his final years with the NBA playing for the Wizards alongside teammates including first draft pick Kwame Brown and Los Angeles Clippers coach, Tyronne Lue. A variety of other teams including the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto Raptors, and more make their way upon Just Don’s classic short styling. All of the shorts are designed with top-quality textured polyester that enhances breathability for a comfortable fit. Featured details include embroidered patches referencing the teams rewarding history and timeline. All of the shorts are made in the USA and contain an elastic waistband that can be tailored with adjustable drawstrings. Just Don’s premium designs are combined with retro finishes for quality memorabilia that can fit modern times.


As the NBA finals come closer, find your next game day fit with the latest Just Don Basketball Shorts. New arrivals are available now at all retail locations + online. Click here to check out the latest from Just Don.

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