Neighborhood x One of These Days Collaboration is Now Available

Neighborhood x One of These Days Collaboration is Now Available

Chelsie Rendon

This spring, streetwear brand Neighborhood introduces the latest collection which highlights the brand’s distinct aesthetic along with a partnership with artist Matt McCormik also known by his fashion label, ‘One of These Days.’ Since 1994, Shinsuke Takizawa has been creating designs that take inspirations from different sub-communities, primarily punk. While utilizing this style, Takizawa redefines motorcycle and military apparel for a grunge and modern experience within his collections. This individualistic style was developed throughout Takizawa’s younger years as he studied abroad in Europe. During this time, he was introduced to the culture of punk rock and grew to appreciate the community that came along with it. With that in mind, he followed his passion of music and joined the hip-hop record label, ‘Major Force.’ After spending 8 years in the music industry, he diverted and decided to launch the brand we know today, Neighborhood. Because of his endeavors and experiences, he was able to create a unique brand that not only spoke to his personality but others as well. Neighborhood has become a leading brand within streetwear and has partnered with many brands, artist, and designers. Labels including Supreme, Anti Social Social Club, and Carrhartt have worked with Takizawa to create exclusive designs that encapsulates Neighborhood’s unmatched design. Artist and designer, Matt McCormick, will solidify his name within this list as he works with Neighborhood to produced one-of-a-kind silhouettes that encapsulate both of their aesthetics. 

Raised by artist parents, Matt McCormik grew up with a passion for creation and self-expression. His work primarily focuses on the American West as many of his drawings include traditional cowboys and desert environments. His particular outlook offers eye-grabbing masterpieces as it highlights classic Americana with juxtaposition touches of modern society. McCormik is well-known for his collaborative work with musical artist including John Mayer and the Grateful Dead. Now working with Takizawa of Neighborhood, both creators have introduced pieces that draw inspiration from country music with modern touches such as premium fabrication and contemporary styles.  

The collaboration sees a familiar theme as outerwear and every-day essentials are decorated with McCormik style illustrations. Within the collection we are introduced to the C-Coat- cowboy inspired drawings takes its place upon the chest and backside as the main focal point within its design. To complement the illustrations the jacket is seen with an olive nylon base which is contrasted by paisley patchwork stitching within its inner. Along with the coat, we see the same type of artistry on ready-to-wear staples including long sleeve crewnecks and t-shirts. This collaboration also takes inspiration from the country singer Townes Van Zandt. The specific illustrations and script seen upon the clothing pays homage to his album ‘High, Low, and In Between.’ Both McCormick and Takizawa have a passion for music and utilized that drive to create an eccentric and unique collection of quality apparel. 

The Neighborhood x One of These Days Collaboration is available now at our Chinatown and Wynn Las Vegas locations + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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