New to Our Brand Line-Up: POWERS From the Studio of Eric Elms

New to Our Brand Line-Up: POWERS From the Studio of Eric Elms

Chelsie Rendon

Eric Elms has had a long-lasting influence within the streetwear industry. With a prominent background, he was able to utilize his education to create his own brand. But before starting the well-renowned clothing line, he had to solidify his stance within the community. Growing up in San Diego, he wanted to pursue a career in fashion which led him to the east coast for college. Graduating from the Pratt Institute in New York, he was able to develop his skills in design and graphics. His unique outlook on art landed him well-respected positions within the fashion industry. Popular brands including Stussy and Nike have utilized his skills and offered him experience that others could only hope to obtain. After working for larger companies, we decided to diverge onto his own adventure and decided to begin his own creative agency. Partners and Others is a collective by Elms that introduces art, sculptures, publishing, and other creatives by varying artists. This platform helps artists gain traction but also helped Elms himself as he started publishing his art on the site. 

Initially designed for the creative collective, his graphics started gaining traction and Elms realized that many would purchase his tees with the distinct images. It was then that Powers was born and started to make a dent within the streetwear industry. Elms takes inspiration from varying sub-cultures which produces collections without a specific theme. But each delivery embodies the energetic personality that he portrays. We see familiar motifs in many of his works; the character of ‘Kilroy’ is incredibly popular and one of the most consistent illustrations seen within Powers. Inspired by the 70s and 80s, Kilroy is one of Elms’ creations which can be easily spotted within his products. Powers continues to grow as they now have opened their first location in Los Angeles and produce various drops of exclusive deliveries. 

The latest collection is a combination of varying illustrations. They all grab inspiration from early 2000s skate culture for a somewhat cohesive theme. The Evolution Tee is met with varied graphics reminiscent of west coast nostalgia. Its varying design highlights the colors red, green, and yellow making it stand out against the white base. To match the bold coloring, the Get a Grip Shop L/S is designed with bold and creative graphics on the back. Pyramids and a character motif are intertwined with text reminiscent of advertisements. In addition to those two garments, Powers also includes collegiate-inspired designs. The Arch L/S in the colorway Muted Plum is seen with signature branding printed across the chest for a bold element. All of the pieces within the collection are constructed with premium cotton and are treated with a dye and wash process. This particular practice is important to the clothing as they provide a unique and worn complexion. Its premium craftsmanship is curated in the USA and is finished with a heavyweight stature. Powers deliveries come in separate drops and are exclusively released. Many anticipate their releases in hopes to obtain the original art from the mind of Eric Elms. 

Powers Supply delivery is available now at our Chinatown location + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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