Wednesday Apr 28, 2021

‘Wave Relic’ Stampd x Arsham Collaboration Release May 1st

Chris Stamp always knew he had a passion for design and fashion but it truly ignited during an entrepreneurial project in college. Soon after graduating, he would find himself in the middle of Los Angeles’ hustle as he worked in a restaurant in hopes to build his fashion empire. He started by producing custom-made and hand-painted designs upon Converse Chuck’s which ultimately did well but he saw his passion took him into other categories. Every once in a while he would release limited collections of headwear and apparel and this is what really solidified Stampd’s identity. He utilized a monochromatic palette that spoke true to his fashion aesthetic. New collections follow a neutral tone of black and white while premium fabrications construct the garments. The most recent project the fashion label has been focusing on is their latest collaboration efforts with renowned artist Daniel Arsham and surfboard designer Hayden Cox. 

Daniel Arsham and Hayden Cox are no stranger to the fashion industry as their influence has been utilized throughout many brands and collections. Arsham grew up in Miami and was deeply affected by Hurricane Andrew as it destroyed his family home. Utilizing this traumatic event to his advantage, he was able to exert his energy towards art. He rose in popularity as he approaches art in a multidisciplinary form. A combination of traditional artistry is met with architecture and performance for a unique experience within every Arsham gallery. Because of his non-conventional approach, he has caught many eyes and has worked with brands including Adidas, Dior, and Byredo. Working alongside Arsham in this collection is Hayden Cox, an Australian native who changed the world of surf with his inventive technology. Cox began surfboard development at a young age and as he entered his college years he realized where his drive truly came from; surfing. After dropping out of college, he pursued a career in surfboard construction and opened his first factory at the young age of 20. He wanted to offer a board that strayed from the traditional wooden base which led him to the development of FutureFlex, a combination of fiber materials that offer the flexibility and durability needed during times of athleticism. In order to launch his brand, he provided a prototype to world champion surfer Tom Carroll and his testimonial allowed the company to soar; officially launching in 2006. Since then, his brand Haydenshapes has worked with labels including Alexander Wang, Audi, and Quiksilver on intuitive and fashion-forward surf equipment. 

When you combine the trifecta, the world is introduced to a very unique collection with a variety of elements that revert to all of their specialties. Titled, ‘Wave Relic,’ the collection consists of apparel, accessories, a surfboard, and an accompanying video that highlights the theme and development. Throughout each item, we see designs that revert to crystalized erosion and blueprint imagery. Its simplistic design is inspired by the earth and the ocean, a common theme the designers share. The collection offers a balance of leisure and versatility as premium fabrications are introduced that are comfortable and durable. 

The collection highlights the geological aspect of crystals as seen with the Eroded Tee, Eroded Hoodie, and Eroded Sweatpant. Composed of premium materials, the items include minimalist branding and imagery as their apparel follows the monochromatic aesthetic commonly seen within Stampd’s deliveries. Utilizing a more technical approach, the Tech Water Shorts are developed for extraneous activities. A combination of polyester and spandex craft the shorts while water-resistant technology provides a dry fit during times of wear. As for accessories, the capsule includes a Sport Cap in a black and white colorway making it applicable for all outfits. In conjunction with the hat, they’ve also created a surfboard that is designed with eroded hollow sections. Haydenshapes signature fiberglass shell is met with resin for a transparent finish upon the board. The collection debuts May 1st and follows true to Stampd’s limited release procedures. 

Grab a more detailed look at the ‘Wave Relic’ Stampd x Daniel Arsham Collaboration above. Follow the instructions below to enter the draw and to shop all of our other current releases. 

Feature Release - Saturday, May 1st

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  • You will be notified the night prior if your entry is granted.

Our Feature Release Draw ends Friday, 4/30, at 4 p.m. PST. All winners will receive notice the night before the official launch date if they have won.

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