Brash Graphics from HOCKEY Q1 Available Now

Brash Graphics from HOCKEY Q1 Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Originally founded by Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald, Hockey has developed its own place within the fashion industry as it encapsulates heartfelt artistry and provoking imagery to truly showcase the mind of the skater. In order to grow, Piscopo and Fitzgerald turned to Jason Dill to undertake the label as a sister company to the world-renowned clothing brand, Fucking Awesome. Both Hockey and Fucking Awesome, have become staple brands within the skate community and also fashion. Though they are still tailored to skaters, the fashion and streetwear industry have been fans of Dill and his artistry. This created a loyal following to the designer and company. Dill’s artistry is brash and dark, an aesthetic that differs from the rest. This unique take contributes to Hockey’s success as it doesn’t conform to the trends. They stick to what they know which is provoking imagery combined with their signature branding. 

Hockey’s first quarter collection sticks true to the brand’s aesthetic as they use premium cotton fabrication within each silhouette to showcase new graphics that beg for a double-take. One illustration that truly stands out is the Crippling graphic which can be seen on a tee, long sleeve, and hoodie. A distraught character is placed against a brick wall as the focal point within each garment. Another similar eye-catching graphic is the Nerves artwork which combines anatomical designs with signature branding. Coinciding with Crippling, Nerves can be seen in an array of garments and colors. The hoodies and tees are constructed with utmost quality as smooth edges and rib-knit trimmings decorate each piece. 

The fashion label also introduces a reiteration of their traditional branding that utilizes flame styling and hollow lettering. The Flames Tee is a simplistic design that provides a minimal side to the heavy graphics. To combine both aesthetics of simplicity and eccentricity, the Fold Crewneck plays with the label’s name. Rendered for a dimensional effect, the image is printed across the chest as the focal point. Colored with a bright blue the image is printed against a quality cotton base and is finished with rib-knit cuffs and crewneck.

Apart from clothing, Hockey also introduces the newly developed artistry within their traditional skateboards. Each skateboard comes in the size 8.25 while the wheelbase is measured at 14.12 inches. Using a printing mechanism, the imagery encapsulates the wooden boards allowing the graphic to shine. The decks can be kept for interior decorum or be used for their sole purpose of skating. The Q1 collection from Hockey is just the beginning of their 2021 lineup as they continuously provide exclusive designs per collection. This contributes to Hockey’s on-going success and provides freshness within each delivery. 

Hockey’s Q1 Collection is available now online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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