Though EJ Luera comes from a background of Music and Nightlife he has taken a risk in leaving his comfort zone to become the face of Feature. Excited about learning a new skill EJ has immersed himself in this new project whole hardheartedly and with passion. His ability to connect with people in the club has translated well to the boutique. EJ is known as the "nice-guy." It's not JUST the title on his business card as we've found through his customer service. Come on in, meet him and see for yourself.

EJ's Essentials in his words: 1) My backpack is my utility belt. It has 1000 pockets and compartments and can fit most of my other essentials 2) I try to workout everyday and with a baby-in-tow kettlebell is the fastest and most convenient to toss around in my living room. 3) My most prized G-Shock collab, LEGOS! 4) Lip-shit 5) Duh 6) I'm ALWAYS on my phone so I need extra juice 7) Gotta rep the store, plus they are so comfortable 8) Music, Production, Emails, Social Media=Laptop=LIFE 9) The most comfortable shoes I have EVER worn 10) I feel naked if I'm dJing without my midi controller 11) Been using the same headphones for the 16 years I've been a DJ, I'll never change.

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