Tuesday Nov 05, 2013

WTF! Happened: Blackstreet

Founded in 1991, the R&B group, Blackstreet was born. Founded by Teddy Riley and Thomas Taliaferro, the two wanted to form a group after the disbandment of Guy. After bringing together other vocalists from each other's resources, the group was initially called Stonestreet but later changed to Blackstreet for a stronger name. The group consisted of teddy Riley, Chauncey Black, Levi Little, and Joseph Stonestreet but Stonestreet was replaced by Dave Hollister before their first album.

Their first album, Blackstreet reached platinum selling success which also included their hit, "Before I Let You Go". Their 1996 album, Another Level was also a breakthrough success due to their top single, "No Diggity" which was number one on the Billboard Charts. After their failure of their 1999 album, Finally, the group disbanded.

In recent years, the group goes by BS2 which now include Teddy Riley, Dave Hollister, Sherman "J-Stylz" Tisdale, Lenny Harold and Tony Tyler. They are touring cities and are still doing "The Lean" dance in some of their shows. Although some things come to an end, Blackstreet will always be a pioneer to 90's R&B.

- Francis Santos

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