Essential Denim | KSUBI + Nudie Jeans Available Now

Essential Denim | KSUBI + Nudie Jeans Available Now

Marissa Villamor

Denim has always been a staple piece in any wardrobe. From a skinny fit jean to a loose fit jean, to a distressed or tailored look, denim will always be an essential part of any outfit. Here at Feature, we carry a variety of denim from KSUBI, Nudie Jeans, Purple Brand Denim and more, for you to find the perfect style for you. Below we’re highlighting some of our latest arrivals in denim to get you ready for the upcoming season. 

Founded in 1999, KSUBI is an Australian-based brand that is known for its high-quality denim. Featuring a mix of unique washes, a variety of fits and a mix of distressing techniques, KSUBI has crafted the perfect everyday lived-in jean. Since their launch, they have grown to become one of the biggest denim brands in both the denim industry and the streetwear industry. 

KSUBI is easily recognizable by a few key detailings that are found on their denim; a black patch that hangs from the back right pocket, a cross logo embroidery above the back right pocket and a small double cross logo found on the left pant leg near the knee. 

KSUBI is a go-to brand in the denim industry and also features a line of ready-to-wear essential basics from t-shirts, knits, jackets and more. To shop new arrivals from KSUBI, click here. 

Founded in 2001, Nudie Jeans is a Swedish-based brand that promotes the “naked truth about denim.” Another essential denim brand, Nudie was created to portray the message that denim has the ability to age beautifully and create a jean that is both naked and personal to the user. 

Nudie Jeans is also well-known for its sustainability approach and its goal to become fully carbon neutral by 2025. They take pride in manufacturing all their products in a fair and ethical way that is also environmentally-forward thinking. All of Nudie Jeans are made from 100% organic cotton and made to last. Non-organic cotton accounts for 25% of the world’s use of artificial pesticides, so it is Nudie’s mission to only use 100% organic cotton, as it is one of a few ways that they promote sustainability within their brand. 

Nudie also believes that the indigo color they use is a living color that fades and gives denim character as the user is wearing them. They avoid short-term trends and make denim that lasts between season to season and trend to trend. 

Nudie has become a staple brand in the denim industry and lives off of the statement that “jeans are more than just a piece of clothing.” To shop the latest arrivals from Nudie Jeans, click here. 



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